This weekend got off to a rocky start, but has turned out to be a fantastic couple of days…

friday night: sat on the couch and cried for awhile due to fatigue (it was a long, draining week at work) and nervousness about the licensing test I was to take the following day.

saturday morning: things looked up a little – the sun was shining and Shane and I got to spend some time out in the yard, weeding our garden and reveling in the arrival of Spring.

saturday at 1 pm: the highlight of the whole weekend – I got a call from my brother announcing the arrival of my healthy new niece: Elise Wynne Jarrell was born on March 22nd at 9 am. I can’t wait to meet her…

saturday afternoon: took my second architectural licensing test and whizzed through it – I walked out of the testing center feeling like all my preparation had really paid off (though I won’t know the official results for another 8 weeks).

saturday evening: enjoyed some time over at our neighbor’s house, watching basketball, playing with the kids, eating good food, sharing good stories.

saturday night: movie night at home, which we haven’t done in awhile. Atonement and caramel-vanilla ice cream. mmm…

sunday morning: brunch with our small group from church. Jack and LaVerne went all out once again: french toast, procioutto-wrapped asparagus, fritatta, bacon, sausage, yum… it was raining outside, and it felt so good to be holed up in a warm home, sharing food and conversation with such good friends.

sunday afternoon: completed a couple of small home-improvement projects I’ve been meaning to get done. checking things off my to-do list is always fun.

sunday evening: an excellent service at church. taking communion was especially powerful for me tonight. He is risen indeed.