Shane got back last night from his 5-day business trip down to Tuscon, and it is wonderful to have him home again. While I enjoyed having some time to myself, and appreciated being able to spend my Saturday afternoon watching chick flicks instead of the NCAA tournament, I was starting to get a little lonely. Spending a few days on my own has caused me to appreciate all over again just how integral Shane is to my day-to-day life. He keeps the blankets from falling off the side of the bed in the middle of the night. He is that shoulder I need to lean on after a stressful day at work. He doesn’t let me spend all morning watching reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210 (I found I need someone to call me out on my trash-TV binges). He makes sure that I laugh deeply and regularly. He remembers to always close the garage door and turn the heat down at bedtime. He keeps me from being freaked out by the noises that the house makes at night. He takes the garbage out when it’s cold and raining outside. He makes certain that I always feel loved, appreciated, and pursued. He leaves his socks on the floor and his empty glasses on the coffee table (wait – that might be another post…).  Anyhow, I’m happy he’s home.  Life is so much better when he’s around.


  1. Jeannie Carkeet says:

    Your dad told me about your Blog before he left town, so I had to check it out…GREAT! It’s entertaining, joyful, funny, thoughtful, and thoroughly you! After reading, I just had to say how much I enjoyed it and tell you hello. Give your folks both our love when you talk to them.

  2. steve says:

    I really appreciated Brandon Walsh’s demeanor. He just seemed so sure of himself and confident, except for when he got hooked on pills oh and when Jennie Garth dumped him.

    My boy Shane is getting mad props. Thats what I like to see. Aww I hope I can come visit you guys in Seattle again soon!