I’m such a sucker for these female-solidarity, strong-women-making-it-on-their-own types of novels.  Charms for the Easy Life is the story of a girl, her mother, and her grandmother living life together during the trying times of World War II.  These women are unlike anyone you’ve ever met, but still somehow incredibly real.  The grandmother is this headstrong, quirky doctor without a license who removes warts at dinner parties and always speaks her mind.  The mother is dramatic and glamorous.  And the daughter is quiet, bright, and a thoughtful narrator.  This was a beautiful story – heartfelt, but not sappy, and cleverly balanced with humor and drama.  Two thumbs up.

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  1. Jason says:

    charms is easily in my top 5 of favorite novels. I read it first in college and have re-read it since for it’s quirky humor and lively characters. If you liked it, definitely check out Cold Sassy Tree — another witty, colorful American classic.