I’m taking a class on abstract drawing and painting at a local art school on Thursday nights and have recently been introduced to some really fun, new ways of making art.  Case in point:  My assignment for the next 4 weeks is to make at least 10 drawings out of edible materials.  I am using patterns found in nature as my source of inspiration, and these two pieces are the start of my tasty little collection.

The first drawing is a blow-up of the shell of a foxglove seed (I found a fantastic book that has beautiful microscopic photos of plant matter).  I used a paintbrush dipped in Diet Coke to fill in the solid areas, then sprinkled the drawing with salt.  This has faded a lot as it has dried, but I kind of like the mix of subtle color and gritty texture.



The second is a cross-section of a pomegranate.  For this one, I painted the core with tea, then sprinkled with paper with cinnamon, which stuck to any of the wet areas.  The texture and color remind me of rust.  Cool.



I never knew there were so many art supplies to be found in our kitchen cupboards!  Olive oil, molasses, corn meal, the possibilities are endless…  Stay tuned for more savory drawings.


  1. Jason says:

    that rocks! I’d like to see one that’s made on some form of edible paper (seaweed?) that Shane has to eat for dinner. This has already inspired idea for the photography medium.

  2. Pat says:

    That is really cool. Is there anything you can’t do and do well? I told Barry you are a multi talented lady.