This morning we took on the Pompidou.  Fueled by fresh-baked pastries from a corner boulangerie, we raced toward the museum, wanting to be at the front of the line when it opened, excited about our first real day of museum-going in Paris.  We spent the entire morning wandering among the galleries, and as I stared at my favorite pieces by Giacometti and Dubuffet, I was reminded why this museum was the place where I really fell in love with art.  So many paintings and drawings and sculptures full of so much expression and depth – I probably visited the Pompidou over 15 times during my year in Paris, and I never tired of seeing the same pieces over and over again.  It is an amazing feeling when a painting reaches out and grabs you for reasons you can’t explain.  It is also exhausting to be bombarded with so much thought-provoking art, so after we left the museum, we got some lunch and then grabbed a seat at a cafe terrace table in the sun to veg out and enjoy a drink.  We chatted and people-watched for awhile, then stared curiously as a group of leotard-clad men and women gathered at the corner of the plaza in front of us.  Turned out we had front row seats for a practice session of a group of 20 or so circus performers.  We spent the next hour watching these people do backflips, juggle, and bend their bodies in all kinds of mind-blowing ways (one girl was able to lean backward from the standing position and put her head between her knees – yes, this looked just as strange as it sounds).  It was quite the show.  I love these little unexpected events – we’ve had wonderful luck so far at being in the right place at the right time.


The rest of the afternoon was spent cruising around the city, soaking up the sun and the sights.  As I listen to Shane snore beside me, I realize that I really ran him ragged today.  I’m pretty beat myself – would love to write more and share a few photos, but I think the combination of all that walking, a super-rich dinner, and that last glass of wine has done me in.  So, ciao for now.  Stay tuned for more Parisian adventures!