Another day come and gone in the city of lights – how time flies when you’re having fun…  We spent the morning out at La Defense, or “modern Paris”, an area full of glassy skyscrapers and huge retail buildings.  I’m still amazed when I see the Grande Arche – how does this work?


We filled up on a hearty helping of steak frites for lunch, then headed over to Montmartre to spend the afternoon wandering around this neighborhood’s twisty, narrow streets.  We eventually made our way to the top of the hill at Sacre Couer – yet another breathtaking beauty.


But what captivated us even more than this centuries-old chapel was the guy outside the church doing some amazing stunts with a soccer ball.  No Photoshopping here – he really is hanging off the side of a lamppost, twirling a soccer ball balanced on a stick that he’s holding between his teeth.  Nuts!


After hiking around Monmartre for awhile longer, we headed back to the apartment for some rest, and rejuvenated ourselves just in time to make it down to the river to watch the sunset.  There are few things more romantic than sitting on the tip of Ile de la City, watching the sun set behind Paris.


Had an amazing dinner at a little sidewalk cafe (a crepe filled with cheese, potatoes, and smoked pork belly for Shane; a salad Provencale for me), topped off the night with a couple of scoops of gelato from a little shop down the street, and we are now full, happy, and tired.  Cheers to another fantastic day.

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  1. Donna says:

    I can’t tell you how great it is that you and Shane are sharing your vacation with friends and family via your blog and Facebook. Looks like you are having good weather. What a blessing. Love you! *Mom