My all-star husband completed his first half-marathon today, with an impressive time of under two hours!  I, on other the hand, sat in a cafe and polished off a latte and raspberry scone in record time.  Seriously, though, I am so proud of Shane.  He had some anxiety going into this race, but when the time came, he manned up, proudly pinned on his race number, and gave it his all.  Trying to connect with him a couple of times along the course was trickier than expected, but I did manage to track him down somewhere around mile 9, where I ran with him for one block (whew!), and then I caught him again at the finish line, happy to see that he was still going strong.  Nice job, honey!  You rock.



  1. Shane Schnell says:

    I couldn’t have done it without my supportive wife! Love you Kel!!

  2. brieanne says:

    AWESOME, shane! congratulations. kelli, a support system truly makes all the difference in the world. sf half this summer anyone? shane and brandon run about the same pace (their times were almost identical)