Random little things that are making me happy these days:

Fresh berries.  My parents brought us a couple of pounds of fresh-picked Oregon blueberries when they were here last week, and Shane and I have been eating them by the handful.

20090712 blueberries small

The Lupines that are blooming in our little front yard garden.

20090712 lupine small

This handmade white ceramic vase that we bought on one of our last days in Paris.  It’s nice to have little reminders of our trip such as this one scattered about the house.

20090712 vase small

My cute new jeans that I got on super-sale at Nordstrom Rack.

20090712 jeans small

Evening and weekend runs with Shane.  We’ve put quite a few miles on these shoes over the past few weeks.  Feels good to be getting in shape together.

20090712 running shoes small