This book was a perfect summertime read – a good mystery/drama/love story kind of a page-turner.  It’s the story of a young Amish woman in rural Pennsylvania who is put on trial for murder.  Kind of mindless, but in a way I appreciated – it had been awhile since I picked up one of those books that you can sit down with and blow through 50 pages at a time.  And this glimpse into Amish life was fascinating – though fictional, it seems from my small amount of Internet research that the author was pretty true to Amish standards and traditions.  Their commitment and strict adherence to centuries-old traditions is both admirable and hard to imagine.  Are there seriously still people in this country who choose to live life without automobiles or telephones?  Mind-boggling.  So, this book gets one solid thumb up – it doesn’t quite warrant a second thumb, but it was certainly one of those ‘fun’ kind of reads.