Yes, it has been noted that this blog has suffered from neglect over the past couple of weeks.  My quietness on the blog front has occurred for a couple of justafiable reasons – 1) work has been super-busy lately, consuming much of my weekend and evening time, and 2) for the aforementioned reason, life just hasn’t been that interesting…

But still, blog-worthy or not, an update is in order, so here’s the happenin’ highlights:

Like I said, work is busy.  But it’s good.  The hours are longer than I’d prefer, but the work is challenging, I’m learning a lot, and I’m being trusted with a lot.  Yes, I certainly have those ‘work sucks’ kind of days, but I also have those ‘Man, I was ON today!’ kind of days, and they seem to make it all worth it.

After over a year of scheming and planning and budgeting with our neighbors for our big backyard renovation, construction is finally underway, as of today.  Photos and plans to come, but for now, I will just say that I can’t wait to set up a few chairs in our new yard and share some burgers and beer with friends.  We’ve been dealing with a pretty inhospitable outdoor space for the last couple of years, but all of that is about to change!

I am getting a major vacation itch.  Some of our friends are trying to pull together a winter trip to Hawaii, which sounds amazing.  Shane keeps talking about his desire to visit New Zealand, which also sounds amazing.  But the un-amazing fact is that vacations require both time and money, so nothing is on the books just yet.   For now, I will have to content myself with our little weekend stay-cations (mornings spent in cafes and afternoons spent napping on the couch).  This is not so bad, come to think of it…

Shane will run his marathon in Portland in T minus 15 days.  He has been training like a mad-man, running for hours at a time on Saturday mornings, then hobbling around the house for the following two days.  I am amazed by his driven-ness.  Seriously.

And with that, I’m fresh out of new content.  Tired, too, so I’m signing off for now, hoping I’ll have some kind of adventure or new experience or something to report about in the next few days.