Still loving my printmaking class – these are the latest monotypes, made with bits of lace, hand-cut stencils, and baking powder.


20091010 buds small

20091010 buds2 small

ghost tree:

20091010 tree small


20091010 checkers small

20091010 checkers2 small


20091010 hexagons small

20091010 hexagons2 small


20091010 lace small

Next up: relief prints.

One Comment

  1. Aine Scannell says:

    You seem to be doing some really interesting pieces in your printmaking class !! I have to ask about the “baking powder”. My guess is that you are sprinkling it ? on to the surface of the plate before it goes through the press? Maybe it drops off once its been through the press? Are you using oil based inks.

    Please drop by my blog and let me know. Keep up the good work and don’t miss any of your classes.

    best wishes