Yesterday was full of reminders that I truly have so much to be thankful for.  The sound of laughter coming from our nieces and nephew, the smell of fresh-baked apple pie, the coziness of a warm home, the beauty of sunlight sparkling on a lake, the joy of being surrounded by people that I have come to love as my very own family…  It was a good day, spent lounging around the house together, eating to the point of stuffed-ness, playing games, and laughing till our cheeks hurt.  Shane and I pulled ourselves out of our post-dinner food comas to take a drive and enjoy the sunshine, returning just in time to re-stuff ourselves with dessert.  Perfection.

20091127 games1 small

20091127 games2 small

20091127 water small

20091127 machinery small

20091127 train tracks small

20091127 horse small

20091127 barn silo small

20091127 tree trunks small

20091127 apple pie small

May we all count and share our blessings throughout the year to come.