For years now, I have struggled to find an exercise regime that is both challenging and achievable.  I am a stellar goal-setter, but my follow-through has always been lacking.  However, I think I’ve finally settled into a routine that works for me – run and some kind of weight-training two times a week, and one hour of yoga or pilates at least once a week.  I’ve been on this kick for six months now, and I’m feeling good.  So good, in fact, that I decided I need to step it up just one more notch.  My legs and core are getting the work-out they deserve, but when it comes to arms, I’m all noodle-y.  I’m that girl that gets on one of the lifting machines, sets it to the absolute lowest weight possible, does about four-and-a-half reps while making that squinty ‘this-is-so-hard’ face, wipes my brow, and then heads over to the balance ball or that fantastic obliques/twisty machine.  I get a bit of an arm work out when I do yoga, but spending 10 or 15 minutes in downward-facing dog isn’t cutting it.  I’m still feelin’ weak.  And so, in some act of ambitious insanity, I have decided to do the 100 push-up challenge.  The deal is: follow the schedule for six weeks, and at the end of the training, you should be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups.  Shane is doing it, as well as a couple of different friends of ours, and so I hopped on the bandwagon in hopes of turning my spaghetti arms into lean, mean push-up machines.  Tonight was my first night, and I struggled through my sets of twos and threes, but I did it, with the added challenge of having a husband that likes to watch and critique my push-up form (so you all know I’m not getting away with my usual wimpy knees-down push-ups).  Should I mention that I felt like I strained myself just flexing for this photo?  Seriously, this will be interesting…


  1. brieanne says:

    kelly, that’s so great you’re set in a routine! i still struggle with that. i might, however, be inspired to attempt this 100 push-up challenge…we’ll see how that goes

  2. Steve says:


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