Yes indeed, I turned another year older yesterday – I am now the big 2-9 (the number some how feels smaller if you insert a hyphen between the digits).  We have a big weekend-long birthday bonanza planned a few weeks from now, in celebration of Shane’s, La V’s, and my birthdays (all in October), so I was happy to lay relatively low yesterday and save up my party energy for a later date.  But still, the day was filled with several special moments, much to the credit of my thoughtful husband and very special friends.

We started the day with breakfast at Geraldine’s, feasting on French toast and eggs and bacon and endless cups of coffee with several friends.

I decided to set aside the afternoon for some ‘me-time’, and headed up to Lynnwood to check out a spa I’ve heard lots of good things about.  I spent almost three hours moving from the soaking pools to the tea room to the various heated rooms, repeating the cycle multiple times.  It really felt like relaxation in its purest form, and I headed home feeling rejuvenated and cleansed.  Turns out I may have been wrong all these years, when I told girlfriends who were making time for facials and massages and pedicures that “I’m not really a spa person”.  Shane’s birthday present to me was a generous gift certificate to a different Seattle spa, so I’ll be digging further into my “spa philosophy” in the weeks to come.   I’m always looking to become a more well-rounded person, after all…

Saturday evening, we dined on Thai food in Capitol Hill with Jason and Nancy, and then headed right around the corner to meet up with several other people at our friend Karen’s dessert party/fundraiser.  Karen is quite possibly the most talented dessert-maker that I know, and so it was a double-bonus to be able to feast on her “chocolate profiterole topped with red wine raspberry sorbet and a blackberry compote”, while also contributing to her upcoming trip to Tanzania to visit Brian and Nicole.  Well-done, Karen!  The look on La V’s face says it all…

Enjoying so much goodness all in a single day had me beat by the time 10 pm rolled around, so I was happy to spend the remainder of our evening at home, catching up on Project Runway and cozying up on the couch with my very favorite person.  Being spoiled is exhausting!

Jason asked me at dinner last night to list my three biggest highlights of the past year, and I feel so blessed that it was hard to pick just three.  28 was good to me.  And I’m thinking/hoping/planning that 29 just might be even better.

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  1. Brian and Nicole says:

    Hey Kelly!

    Happy 29th Birthday! Your pics are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the day with us, feels almost like we are there! Missing you and wishing the best start to a wonderful 29th year!