t.g.i.F!!! This week has felt exceptionally long, even though it was about the same as any other week, with work and work-outs and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, since we haven’t grocery shopped for nearly two weeks. I’ve definitely been battling a case of the day-in, day-out doldrums, and am seeing how routine can be so exhausting… But enough of the pits – my weekend has begun and I am looking forward to an evening with the ladies tonight, a some time set aside for art-ing with a few kids from our church tomorrow morning, perhaps delving into Harry Potter book #2 tomorrow afternoon, and then a living room dance party or two with Shane and our brand-new X-Box Kinect. Oh, and pie. Sometime, somehow, there will be homemade apple pie. T.G.I.F. indeed.  (In fact, I was so happy to get off lightrail and wave goodbye to the work week that I had to snap a pic…)