It seems we’re spending a lot of time on our couch these days – it’s only a matter of time before a Kelly-sized imprint starts to form in my favorite corner of our sectional.  But I suppose that’s part of what winter is about for us, holing up indoors and spending our evenings watching our favorite shows and the latest movies.  And with the Oscars having just taken place and all, I thought I’d cast a few of my own votes:

Best Movie:  I only saw half of the Best Picture nominees, but of those The Help was my favorite, with Moneyball as a close second.  Neither of them were Oscar-worthy in my book, but they were both perfect for a popcorn and pajamas kind of movie night.  On my to-watch list:  The Artist and Hugo.  (p.s.  Shane is reading this over my shoulder as I type and insists that I give a shout-out to Tree of Life on his behalf.  I say…eh.)

Best TV Drama:  Breaking Bad.  Duuuuuuuude – where have I been and why did I hold out for so long on watching this show?  Symptoms of following Walter White’s steady decline include bouts of depression and mild to moderate anxiety, but it’s completely worth it.

Best TV Comedy:  The New Girl.  Hands down.  I heart Zooey Deschanel.  And I’ve had “We built this Schmidty on Tootsie Rolls” looping in my head for weeks.

Best “I Need to Unwind After A Long Day” TV Show:  The Daily Show.  Some serious laugh-out-loud goodness going on there lately – Jon Stewart’s comedic mockery may be the only good thing that has come out of all the campaigning and crazy politicking taking place these days.

Best “I Know This is No Good but I Can’t Turn it Off” TV Show:  The Voice.  I could take a pass on Christina Aguilera’s spray-tanned cleavage, but how funny is Cee Lo with his fluffy white cat?

And just ’cause, Best Oscar dress:

Toss-up between the ladies in red: Michelle Williams and Emma Stone almost made me want to trade in my pj’s for something more glamorous.

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  1. Brieanne says:

    I agree on “the voice”! Can I just say Christina’s cleavage looks all weird and veiny and gross as well as spray-tanned? It’s just downright freakish.