We are 18 days into our annual month of frugality, and this practice of not eating out/not shopping/not going to movies or coffee shops or DSW has caused me to log some serious hours on the living room couch – a Kelly-shaped divit has started to form in my favorite corner of the sectional.  Lord knows I love a mellow weekend at home with a good book and my holiday stash of Theo chocolate, but I’ve started to feel a little antsy lately, craving some quality cafe time and wondering what sales I’m missing out on.  So I took to carrying my camera with me to work this week and getting outside for at least a few minutes during lunch each day to take a look around – turns out (free) noon-time walks in the winter sunshine are a pretty good substitute for a Chipotle run and a loop through the Nordstrom shoe section.

20130115 market1 sm

One of my favorite things about this season:

20130115 market2 sm

And another winter favorite:

20130115 market3 sm

20130115 market4 sm

Sculpture Park!

20130116 sculpture park1 sm

20130116 sculpture park2 sm

20130116 sculpture park3 sm

And this is where I paused to dream of Bainbridge Island and Mora’s Ice Cream out yonder…

20130116 waterfront sm 18 days down, 13 to go!