My hope is that I’ll chronicle each of Juliette’s monthly milestones with a few notes on what she’s currently loving/hating/learning.  But seeing as how I was busy wandering the parking lot of Southcenter mall on her actual one-month birthday, I’m a little late on this one.  Nonetheless, this is what we’ve figured out about our little girl thus far:

She is really stinkin’ cute when she sleeps. She’ll cycle through several different facial expressions as she dozes, first furrowing her brow and pouting her lips, then suddenly turning that frown into a smile and quietly chuckling to herself. And her arms are often stretched out straight in front of her, like she’s conducting an orchestra in her dreams. Thank god for these angelic moments of rest – they have offset some pretty intense bouts of fussiness.

20131012 juliette sm

20131018 juliette1 sm

She likes the shower – Shane or I bring her in with us every morning to hose her down, and she seems soothed by the sound and the feel of the spray of warm water. But ho-ly cow, this girl screams when you take her out. I have tried everything to ease the transition, drying her off and dressing her in the warm, steamy bathroom, but to no avail – my eardrums were vibrating this morning with the sound of her post-shower shrieks.

Her hair gets crazier (and cooler!) every day.  When she’s really cranky, Shane blames it on a “bad hair day”.

20131014 juliette sm

Shane is convinced that she loves Coldplay.  When she’s really fired up, he’ll sway her in his arms while singing along to X&Y.  And I’ll be danged, it works.  Once she’s mellowed out, we turn on the Yo Yo Ma to keep her cool.

She still really hates her car seat. We had barely made it out of the driveway this morning before Shane threatened to turn the car around. Juliette called his bluff and yelled even louder. Our friends tell us this is just a phase, but sweet Jesus, make it stop.

She’s a girl of many faces.  And these days, that face is flashing us more and more smiles.  Be still my beating heart.

20131015 juliette2 sm

20131015 juliette3 sm

20131015 juliette4 sm

20131015 juliette5 sm


  1. Adrienne says:

    What adorable photos, especially that last one!! You make me want to use our SLR camera for our pictures more often. I like the idea of the monthly updates – we are recording them for Wesley as well in a baby journal that Nancy gave us. Bad hair day excuse is cute. 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Here is one trick for the shower. Have shane put a towel in the dryer.. so its cozy warm for her right away 🙂 Cute pics.. she is just so lovely.

  3. Kristen says:

    Hey Kelly,

    Hayden hated her car seat until I got one of thoes baby mirrors and put it so she could see herself. Might be worth a try 🙂