I am still plugging away at that lovely loop scarf I started back in 2012.  It’s been slow goin’ – I’ve knitted through an entire season of House of Cards and still have quite a ways to go.  So I set that pattern aside (again) for a more instantly gratifying project and whipped up the simplest scarf ever, in less time than it takes to watch the latest episode of New Girl.

Most people are surprised to learn that I went through a wannabe skater phase in my early teens, but it’s true.  When I was a freshman in high school, I plastered my binders with Sub Pop stickers and dressed in men’s jeans that were far too large for me and second hand t-shirts bearing random logos like “Mid-Eastern Parachute Association, 1978”.  My friend Megan and I would head to Salvation Army after school and spend hours scouring the racks in search of the perfectly ironic t-shirt; the more obscure the image or text, the older the date on the logo, the better.  I’ve hung on to a number of these gems over the years, mostly for sentimental reasons, as they’re hardly even suitable for a workout anymore.  In a wave of naptime inspiration last week, I decided to pull up a tutorial I pinned awhile ago and breathe new life in these ratty old T’s.

20140305 tshirt scarf1 sm

Take a knit cotton shirt without side seams and cut horizontally below the armpits and above the hem.

20140305 tshirt scarf2 sm

Make snip marks across one edge, spaced about 1 inch apart.

20140305 tshirt scarf3 sm

Cut along the snip marks to the other side.  Leave about 1 inch of uncut area along that edge.

20140305 tshirt scarf4 sm

Give each strand a tug to curl in the edges, and voila!  You have yourself a 10-minute scarf.

20140305 tshirt scarf5 sm

You can use a piece of the hem remnant to gather and tie the scarf at the uncut portion (at the back of the neck), but this isn’t necessary.  I like it to lay a little flatter, so I opted to skip this step.

Double or triple up if you want a little extra bulk (I’m wearing three separate scarves below).  And pair with a preppy black blazer if you really want to dismay your former grunge-loving self…

20140305 tshirt scarf6 sm

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  1. noncers says:

    Nice! I made one of those a few years back with one of my maternity shirts but had forgotten about it. Time to get out the scissors and some of my old gymnastics t-shirts…