Giving the ten on ten challenge another go – ten photos over ten consecutive hours:

20140310 ten on ten1 sm

Thankful for the extra daylight in the evening, but dang, it’s hard to get out of bed on these dark, gray mornings.


20140310 ten on ten2 sm

Realizing it will soon be time to pack away Juliette’s 3-6 month clothes.  I’ll miss that bunny onesie.


20140310 ten on ten3 sm

Taking a tea break while my mom attends to the should-be-napping baby upstairs…


20140310 ten on ten4 sm

Calling naptime a bust and hopping on lightrail to head downtown for lunch.


20140310 ten on ten5 sm

And, in the midst of bustling Pike Place Market, she sleeps.


20140310 ten on ten6 sm

Good coffee shop weather.


20140310 ten on ten7 sm

Signs of Spring in the midst of all this gray!


20140310 ten on ten8 sm

A flower for Juliette from a very thoughtful friend.


20140310 ten on ten9 sm

Sweet potatoes for dinner.


20140310 ten on ten10 sm

And pork stew for our dinner, prepared by my mom from a box o’ meat shipped to us from Shane’s mom and dad.  We have the best parents.

Goooooood night, folks.  This was fun.