Time for another ten on ten!

20140410 ten on ten1 sm

Now that Jules is eating more solid food, I’m loving the fact that we can have a meal together.  But I’m seeing now that her carrots with oatmeal look a little sad next to my tea, eggs, brussel sprouts, and yogurt…  At least she doesn’t know what she’s missing yet?


20140410 ten on ten2 sm

Morning stories.


20140410 ten on ten3 sm

Naptime (for both of us)!


20140410 ten on ten4 sm

Post-nap walk in the sun.  So thankful when the stars align and we get weather like this on my days off.


20140410 ten on ten5 sm

Favorite walking buddy.


20140410 ten on ten6 sm

Playtime at the park – we spread out a blanket and I unpacked my bag full of books and toys, but Jules was much more interested in watching the big kids run wild on the lawn.


20140410 ten on ten7 sm

Coffee, cookies, and Colbert during nap #2.  I’ve really missed this extra me-time since returning to work.


20140410 ten on ten8 sm

Had a boba craving and was excited to discover that Ambrosia opened a store just one lightrail stop away from us.  We shot out the door on a milk tea mission the minute Jules woke from her nap.  I sent La Verne a “boba?” text and she and Nico were also there in a flash.


20140410 ten on ten9 sm

On our walk home from Ambrosia – the way these dandelions glowed in the evening light made me feel like we’re on the cusp of summer (I know, I’m foolishly getting my hopes up).


20140410 ten on ten10 sm

The joyous nightly reunion.