It was a busy weekend at Chez Schnell, with visitors and sight-seeing and birthday festivities!  The good times started rolling on Thursday morning, when Shane’s mom and sister arrived from Minnesota.  We all convened at Columbia City Bakery for coffee and croissants – Jules took an instant liking to her Aunt Tiff.

20140911 bakery sm

After letting our guests get settled, we headed to West Seattle to grab lunch and play on the sand at Alki Beach.  Summer is definitely going out with a bang here, with lots of sun and perfect temps.

20140911 alki1 sm

20140911 alki2 sm

20140911 alki3 sm

We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday that evening at Tutta Bella – Jules is a big fan of their Happy Hour meatball special, and I have a weakness for their five-dollar glass of bubbly.

20140911 tutta bella sm

We capped off the day with ice cream at Full Tilt – I don’t know if it’s the horizontal stripes or the fact that I can’t resist sharing my dessert with her, but Juliette is looking a little rounder around the middle these days!

20140911 full tilt sm

This was Tiff’s first time in Seattle, so we spent Friday afternoon downtown, showing her the sights.  We started with coffee on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower.

20140912 columbia tower sm

And then strolled through Pike Place Market, stopping for lunch at Steelhead Diner.

20140912 pike place1 sm

20140912 pike place2 sm

We spent the rest of the day at home, eating and drinking and doting on the baby.  It was such a joy to watch Juliette soak up all that grandma and auntie love.

Saturday morning we drove up to Jefferson Park to while away the morning on the playground - Jules wasn’t so sure about this slide a couple of months ago, but now?  Total hit.  She’s getting adventurous, that girl.

20140913 jefferson1 sm

Grandma’s pretty wild, herself!

20140913 jefferson2 sm

20140913 jefferson3 sm

We drove out to Woodinville on Saturday afternoon to do some winetasting at Novelty Hill and Columbia Winery.  I wasn’t so sure that bringing a baby to a winery was kosher, but we gave it a go and actually ended up a seeing a few other kids out for an afternoon tasting.  We found a shady spot in the grass at both places to stretch out and sip our whites.

20140913 novelty hill1 sm

20140913 novelty hill2 sm

20140913 novelty hill3 sm

20140913 novelty hill4 sm

20140913 novelty hill5 sm

20140913 columbia winery1 sm

And while we tasted the menu, Juliette tasted the menu.  Seriously, this girl’s favorite food is paper these days.

20140913 columbia winery2 sm

We had dinner that night at Big Chickie, our neighborhood’s newest hot spot.  The chicken was perfectly done and the outdoor seating area was hoppin’ – we’ll be hitting this place as often as we can while the evenings are still warm!

20140913 big chickie sm

Sunday was a big day – a pretty special little someone was born a year ago!  The birthday festivities started with bedhead and blueberry pancakes.

20140914 birthday1 sm

And then presents!  Books and clothes, a soccer ball and a big bag of Legos – she tore into the wrapping and gift bags like a pro, stopping only momentarily to crawl into one of the boxes and eat the tissue paper.

20140914 birthday2 sm

Grandma gave Jules her first baby doll – we’ve never seen her play with a doll before, but she was immediately taken with it.

20140914 birthday3 sm

She pulled the baby Violet right out of the box and went to give her a kiss.

20140914 birthday4 sm

Or…eat her face.  Mommas – keep your newborns away from this one.

20140914 birthday5 sm

She’ll be stylin’ in her new peacoat this fall!

20140914 birthday6 sm

20140914 birthday7 sm

We loaded up the car on Sunday afternoon with cupcakes and beach balls for Miss Juliette’s big bash at Seward Park.  Clearly, she was pretty jazzed about being the center of attention.

20140914 birthday8 sm

She had a blast cruising around the lake with Gryffin.

20140914 birthday9 sm

20140914 birthday10 sm

20140914 birthday11 sm

And then…cake!  She didn’t quite know what to do when we first set that mound of frosting in front of her.

20140914 birthday12 sm

But once that first taste of sugar hit her lips, she wasn’t shy about digging in.  Enjoy it, kiddo – you’re getting a double-dose of broccoli for dinner every night this week.

20140914 birthday13 sm

20140914 birthday14 sm

20140914 birthday15 sm

20140914 birthday16 sm

We felt so lucky to have our Minnesota family and our Seattle family present to celebrate the day.

20140914 birthday17 sm

How old are you, Jules?

20140914 birthday18 sm

20140914 birthday23 sm

20140914 birthday19 sm

20140914 birthday20 sm

20140914 birthday21 sm

20140914 birthday22 sm

And with that, my baby was one.  ONE.  I’m feeling all kinds of crazy about it – melancholy but thankful, nostalgic for what’s gone but also a little bit relieved that the newborn days are behind us.  Proud of the girl she’s becoming and excited for what lies ahead.  How quickly she’s changing (that’s a whole other blog post…).  Happy, happy birthday, stinkpot.

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  1. Donna Isobel says:

    what a cutie.. happy birthday little jules. 🙂