Spring is in full-swing here in Seattle – budding leaves, fluffy blossoms, and quite a few of those sun-shiny teaser days that make you want to pull out your sandals and retire your winter coat (although I’ve learned by now that such days are often followed by 50 degrees and rain).  I’ve gotten into the habit of grabbing my camera when we leave the house, as these blooms (and Juliette’s joy over them) are too good not to capture.  Get your scroll finger ready – I went a little nuts!

We made it out to UW the third weekend in March, just in time to catch the cherry blossoms before they all fell to the ground.  It had rained that morning and the sunlight struggling through the clouds was extra warm, making the quad extra magical.

20150321 cherry blossoms1 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms2 sm

Juliette ran wild in the blossom-littered grass – given our mild winter, this was as close as she got to playing in the snow this year!

20150321 cherry blossoms4 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms5 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms7 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms8 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms9 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms10 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms11 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms12 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms13 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms14 sm

20150321 cherry blossoms15 sm

We’ve lucked out with a string of sunny Thursdays and have been celebrating our mama-Jules days with trips to parks and playgrounds.  The sand box at Whale Tale Park near Alki is a new favorite.

20150326 whale tail park sm

Juliette and Nico spent a Thursday afternoon harvesting daisies at Seward Park.

20150326 seward park sm

We went for a leisurely stroll through Colman Park a couple of weeks ago – I was disappointed to see that the p-patch was no longer planted with dahlias, but we did find a rogue tulip to admire.

20150401 colman park1 sm

And so much lush, lush green!

20150401 colman park2 sm

20150401 colman park3 sm

20150401 colman park4 sm

Juliette and I made a game of picking and blowing dandelion puffs – her first couple of tries resulted in a mouth full of fuzz, but now she’s got it down.

20150401 colman park5 sm

20150401 colman park7 sm

20150401 colman park8 sm

20150401 colman park9 sm

20150401 colman park10 sm

20150401 colman park11 sm

We walked to the bakery last Thursday and stopped to fawn over these pink pom-poms near the library.

20150409 cc blossoms1 sm

20150409 cc blossoms2 sm

20150409 cc blossoms3 sm

And then headed over to Lake Washington Boulevard for a walk down the tree-lined sidewalk.

20150409 lake washington blossoms1 sm

20150409 lake washington blossoms2 sm

20150409 lake washington blossoms3 sm


20150409 lake washington blossoms4 sm

20150409 lake washington blossoms5 sm

20150409 lake washington blossoms6 sm

20150409 lake washington blossoms7 sm

And what’s even more exciting than flowers?  Springtime brings BASEBALL!  Juliette donned her cap for the Giants season opener and we let her stay up past her bedtime to catch the first couple of innings.

20150406 giants2 sm

20150406 giants3 sm

We’re going to make a die-hard fan out of this kid.

20150406 giants1 sm

Each time I step outside, a few more blossoms have wilted and fallen.  That’s the downside to Spring – it’s so quickly fleeting, and try as I might to memorialize each flower, each angelic daisy-crowned grin with a photo, there’s no stopping the passage of time.  Before I know it, I’ll be waxing poetic about autumn’s golden leaves falling from the trees!  Then again, each day brings us closer to freshly picked berries and swimsuits and splash sessions in the lake.  And watermelon!  And warmth.

Consider me consoled.