I’ve had the chorus of Grease’s “Summer Nights” looping through my head over and over these past few days – you know, “Summer lovin’, had me a blast, oh yeah!“.  It’s not so much that I have romance or leather pants on the brain (although Shane will forever be my Danny Zuko), it’s that I’m LOVIN’ this summer weather.  Sandals and slightly pink shoulders and a re-commitment to get out and explore our favorite parks.  Evening jogs with Juliette, interrupted by a quick joyous romp through the Jefferson splash pad.  Popsicles and bare baby bellies.  Turtle hunts and sandy feet.  I swear, I can feel the vitamin D coursing through my veins, and it’s like a hit of happy.

20150528 jefferson sm

20150529 popsicle sm

We spent Saturday morning at Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland, checking out the wildlife and playing at the beach.

20150530 juanita bay1 sm

20150530 juanita bay2 sm

20150530 juanita bay3 sm

20150530 juanita bay4 sm

20150530 juanita bay7 sm

20150530 juanita bay8 sm

20150530 juanita bay9 sm

20150530 juanita bay10 sm

20150530 juanita bay11 sm

And to top off a stretch of particularly glorious sun-shiny days, Juliette’s best little buddy turned two over the weekend!  We were thrilled to celebrate with him, with a chariot ride and barbecue and CAKE (that taste of frosting was possibly the high point of Juliette’s entire life thus far).

20150531 party1 sm

20150531 party2 sm

20150531 party3 sm

20150531 party4 sm

20150531 party5 sm

20150531 party6 sm

20150531 party7 sm

20150531 party8 sm

20150531 party9 sm

20150531 party10 sm

20150531 party11 sm

20150531 party12 sm

I know, Jules, I KNOW!  So good, right?

20150531 party13 sm