This heat wave continues and we’ve been doing our damnedest to beat it over the past four days: three lakes, one wading pool, a couple of rounds of frozen margaritas, one visit to the ice cream shop, and nights spent sleeping in our downstairs office, which is 10 degrees cooler than the top floor of our house.  By 5 pm, our living room feels like a sweatbox.  On the bright side, all this lake-bopping has kind of made us feel like we’re on vacation!  Minus the air-conditioned hotel room…

Jules and I spent Thursday at Seward Park with a few buddies, running in the sprinklers and splashing in the lake.  Shane had the day off and biked over to join us for a dip – this girl is all about her floaty boat now.

20150702 seward park1 sm

20150702 seward park2 sm

On Friday we ventured east with our crew to Lake Sammamish State Park to celebrate Nance’s birthday with swimming and paddle-boarding and snacks in the shade.

20150703 lake sammamish1 sm

20150703 lake sammamish2 sm

20150703 lake sammamish3 sm

20150703 lake sammamish4 sm

20150703 lake sammamish5 sm

20150703 lake sammamish6 sm

20150703 lake sammamish7 sm

20150703 lake sammamish8 sm

20150703 lake sammamish9 sm

20150703 lake sammamish10 sm

20150703 lake sammamish11 sm

Yes, I eventually made it up to the standing position!  And then I fell off.

20150703 lake sammamish12 sm

20150703 lake sammamish13 sm

20150703 lake sammamish14 sm

Jules crashed hard for her nap when we got home but woke up roaring to go again, so we took a quick spin through the Miller Park fountain and then grabbed ice cream at Hello Robin.

20150703 miller fountain1 sm

20150703 hello robin1 sm

20150703 hello robin2 sm

Sugar rush!

20150703 hello robin5 sm

Serious sugar rush.

20150703 hello robin3 sm

20150703 hello robin4 sm

We rang in the Fourth of July on Saturday at our favorite stretch of rocky beach on Rattlesnake Lake.  We hadn’t even spread out our blanket before Juliette darted into the water.

20150704 rattlesnake lake1 sm

There was swimming and “boating” and watermelon-eating and frisbee and generally all things summer.

20150704 rattlesnake lake2 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake3 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake4 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake6 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake7 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake8 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake10 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake11 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake12 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake13 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake14 sm

20150704 rattlesnake lake15 sm

We spent the evening with the Rusts partaking in our own (very tame) fireworks show.  Thankfully the kids are all still young enough to be satisfied with sparklers and smoke bombs and party poppers.

20150704 fireworks1 sm

20150704 fireworks2 sm

Jules wanted a front-row seat for all the action.

20150704 fireworks3 sm

Shane, on the other hand, was insistent that she stay at least 15 feet away from any flames or sparks.  Ever the voice of reason, that guy…

20150704 fireworks4 sm

20150704 fireworks5 sm

20150704 fireworks7 sm

We spent Sunday morning at church and then swung by Volunteer Park for a go on the playground and a romp in the wading pool.

20150705 volunteer park1 sm

20150705 volunteer park2 sm

The weekend was capped off with a bike ride along Lake Washington, cold Coronas, dinner hot off the grill and kiwi sorbet for dessert.  I don’t love this heat, but this summertime lifestyle?  Money.