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I think I say this every October (and then again on our first warm, sunny day in May), but Seattle has never looked more beautiful.  I’ve been obsessively toting my camera around (you think?!), wanting to capture every Fall color and texture and hazy glow.

Shane and I were so taken with Ravenna Park when we jogged there a couple of weeks ago that we went back on Saturday for a more leisurely stroll, to wind our way up and down the wooded paths and over the bridges, stopping in open fields of grass for a quick game of tag.

20151024 ravenna park1 sm

20151024 ravenna park2 sm

20151024 ravenna park3 sm

Jules dug around for the biggest leaf she could find and proudly waved her autumn flag.

20151024 ravenna park4 sm

20151024 ravenna park4a sm

20151024 ravenna park5 sm

20151024 ravenna park6 sm

20151024 ravenna park7 sm

20151024 ravenna park8 sm

20151024 ravenna park9 sm

20151024 ravenna park10 sm

20151024 ravenna park11 sm

20151024 ravenna park12 sm

20151024 ravenna park13 sm

20151024 ravenna park15 sm

This. Tree.

20151024 ravenna park16 sm

And, as icing on our golden cake, a zipline!  Juliette’s new playground favorite.

20151024 ravenna park18 sm

20151024 ravenna park17 sm

20151024 ravenna park19 sm

This season suits her, don’t you think?

20151024 ravenna park20 sm

On Sunday we set out for our weekly family run, this time at Carkeek Park just north of Ballard.  And once again, Shane’s trail-scouting skills proved absolutely superb.

20151025 carkeek park1 sm

20151025 carkeek park2 sm

20151025 carkeek park11 sm

Mid-loop, we stopped for a breather at the beach – after swooning over all that green and gold, I forgot how much I love blue and gray, too.

20151025 carkeek park4 sm
20151025 carkeek park5 sm

20151025 carkeek park6 sm

20151025 carkeek park7 sm

20151025 carkeek park8 sm

20151025 carkeek park9 sm

20151025 carkeek park10 sm

We hit the trail for the final leg of our run, not entirely sure where we were going, but…ka-pow!

20151025 carkeek park12 sm

It was so pretty there that we let Juliette hop back out of the stroller to soak it all in.

20151025 carkeek park13 sm

20151025 carkeek park14 sm

Three cheers for Fall!

20151025 carkeek park15 sm

These colors, this cool, crisp weather – October is killin’ it.  So we’re more than happy to oblige Juliette’s persistent requests for “outside time?  outside time?  outside time?!”.

Last weekend we romped through the Carpinito pumpkin patch with the gang – Juliette went nuts when she saw the mounds of orange and white, momentarily putting down the beloved Percy train she’d borrowed from Nico to grab a pumpkin from the bin.

20151017 pumpkin patch2 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch3 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch4 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch5 sm

But ultimately, Percy won.

20151017 pumpkin patch6 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch7 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch8 sm

This was one of those days when I relished her blossoming independence, when it felt so good to sit back and watch her run free.

20151017 pumpkin patch9 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch10 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch11 sm

Juliette is into all things insect these days and could hardly contain herself when she found a little ladybug crawling on this pumpkin.  Simple pleasures…

20151017 pumpkin patch13 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch14 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch15 sm

These boys have become like big brothers to Juliette, contentedly playing magna-tiles together one minute, snatching toys out of each other’s hands the next.  I love watching them grow up together.

20151017 pumpkin patch16 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch17 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch18 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch19 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch20 sm

Two seconds after I took this photo, the wheelbarrow tipped over.  Whoops.

20151017 pumpkin patch21 sm

20151017 pumpkin patch1 sm

We finally settled on a long-stemmed beast of a squash, strapped it in the stroller, and called it a wrap, chuckling a little as we reminisced about our less-than-ideal visit to Carpinito two years ago.  We’ve come a long way!

20151017 pumpkin patch22 sm

We’re on a family running streak and spent that afternoon zipping down the trails at Ravenna Park – how have we missed visiting this gem in the past ten years?!

20151018 ravenna park1 sm

20151018 ravenna park2 sm

20151018 ravenna park3 sm

Jules and I met up with our pals at Volunteer Park on Friday morning for a go at the playground and a “splash” in the leaf-strewn wading pool.

20151023 volunteer park1 sm

20151023 volunteer park2 sm

20151023 volunteer park3 sm

20151023 volunteer park4 sm

20151023 volunteer park5 sm

20151023 volunteer park6 sm

Turns out dried leaves are a fairly decent substitute for water!

20151023 volunteer park7 sm

And Juliette’s hair is the perfect Fall camouflage.

20151023 volunteer park8 sm

20151023 volunteer park9 sm


20151023 volunteer park10 sm

20151023 volunteer park11 sm

20151023 volunteer park12 sm

20151023 volunteer park13 sm

20151023 volunteer park14 sm

20151023 volunteer park16 sm

20151023 volunteer park17 sm

I know, Jules – these colors make me feel all warm and huggy, too.

20151023 volunteer park18 sm

20151023 volunteer park19 sm

20151023 volunteer park20 sm

20151023 volunteer park21 sm

20151023 volunteer park22 sm

20151023 volunteer park23 sm

20151023 volunteer park24 sm

20151023 volunteer park25 sm

One final embrace for the road…

20151023 volunteer park26 sm

Ok, I’ll stop now.

Who am I kidding?  More orange and gold magic coming your way – we hit the parks hard this past weekend.  Stay tuned.


I thought about skipping the monthly Jules updates now that she’s two and really not a baby anymore, now that the changes in her seem more gradual, but indulge me – there are a few toddler tidbits that I want to capture in this little time capsule.

Like, holy geez, she’s got a mouth on her!  Not a bad mouth, just an ultra-busy one that rambles on and on and on.  She’s using words that I didn’t even realize she knew, telling me about the owie she got on her sho-der at school and asking for tanger-eeeeeens and reminiscing about that shiny carousel zebra she rode on when we were in San Francisco last month.  When we’re in the car together and she doesn’t have anything specific to tell me, it’s just, “Mama?  Mama?  Mama?  MAMA!!!”, until I acknowledge her with, “Yes, honey?”, at which point she replies, “Uhhhh…Hi, Mama!”  Some of her vocabulary is a little mixed up, which is good for a laugh, like when she gets “sham-poop” in her eyes, wants “busy water” (fizzy water) with dinner, and asks for “pine cones” (pumpkin scones) for breakfast.  She’s parotting Shane and I more than ever, flopping down on the floor with a dramatic sigh and saying, “Oh my gosh, I so tired”, and sweetly murmuring to her doll during pretend diaper changes, “Real quick, baby.  I know, I know…”.

She loves to sing, whether anyone is listening or not – “Twinkle, Twinkle” is currently on repeat (and repeat, and repeat) at our house:

It’s not all sweet twinkle-twinkle’s, though.  Her “assertive” personality is shining through more as she finds the words to express her wishes demands.  Favorite phrases these days are “stay back!” and “just leave it”, said with an upheld, spread-fingered hand and a furrowed brow, usually employed when I’m heading her way to retrieve whatever forbidden item she’s snagged from the counter.  Getting dressed in the morning can be maddening, as she grabs her pants out of Shane’s hands and shouts “Mama do it!”, then grabs her socks from me and yells “Daddy do it!”  I know, labeling girls as “bossy” is taboo in this day and age, and we’re supposed to celebrate our daughter’s excellent leadership potential, but dang, toddler tyranny is not my favorite.

Back to the good stuff: pictures!  Here are a few from our Thursday romp through the Arboretum – I have upped my work hours and am now in the office on Thursdays, but when I can, I slip away a little early so that I can pick up Juliette for an abbreviated mama-Jules day.  She and I can’t get enough of these Fall leaves.

20151015 juliette1 sm

20151015 juliette2 sm

20151015 juliette3 sm

20151015 juliette4 sm

20151015 juliette5 sm

20151015 juliette6 sm

20151015 juliette7 sm

20151015 juliette8 sm

20151015 juliette9 sm

20151015 juliette10 sm

20151015 juliette11 sm

20151015 juliette12 sm

20151015 juliette13 sm

And the requisite N+J photo:

20151016 juliette sm

And…just a couple more, because, JOY:

20151018 juliette3 sm

20151018 juliette1 sm
20151018 juliette2 sm

20151018 juliette4 sm

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t wish one hell of a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite guy, the man who keeps our boat on course time and again amidst the glaciers of parenthood.  Happy 36th, Shane.  Jules and I love you so very, very much.

20150927 lake washington2 sm

I feel like my last three months of blog entries were a sort of tribute to the glory of Seattle summers, but Fall in the PNW ain’t too shabby, either.  The trees are bursting with color and have shed just enough leaves to coat the ground with a nice crinkly carpet of gold.  Swim season is over, but duck hunting season is well underway – we hop in the car and visit our feathered friends at the Arboretum whenever the sun comes out.

20151003 arboretum1 sm

We spent a lazy Saturday there with the Chens, and after the longest short walk ever, as Juliette seemed to run twenty steps backward for every twenty-one steps forward, we staked out a spot near the water to crack open a bottle of wine and watch the sailboats.

20151003 arboretum2 sm

20151003 arboretum3 sm

20151003 arboretum4 sm

20151003 arboretum5 sm

20151003 arboretum6 sm

20151003 arboretum8 sm

20151003 arboretum7 sm

20151003 arboretum10 sm

20151003 arboretum11 sm

20151003 arboretum12 sm

20151003 arboretum13 sm

Like I said, not too shabby.

20151003 arboretum9 sm

My mom and dad were in town last weekend and we spent Friday afternoon at Kubota Gardens – we’d been there just one week earlier with Shane’s mom, but wowsers, it had gotten even better since then!  Happy Birthday to me!

20151009 kubota gardens4 sm

20151009 kubota gardens1 sm

20151009 kubota gardens2 sm

20151009 kubota gardens3 sm

20151009 kubota gardens5 sm

20151009 kubota gardens6 sm

20151009 kubota gardens7 sm

20151009 kubota gardens8 sm

20151009 kubota gardens9 sm

20151009 kubota gardens10 sm

Such a treat to ring in my 34th year with this crew and these colors.

20151009 kubota gardens11 sm

20151009 kubota gardens12 sm

20151009 kubota gardens13 sm

20151009 kubota gardens14 sm

20151009 kubota gardens16 sm

20151009 kubota gardens17 sm

20151009 kubota gardens18 sm

20151009 kubota gardens19 sm

20151009 kubota gardens20 sm

Saturday was rainy, rainy, rainy – we hardly left the house and were all feeling completely stir-crazy by Sunday morning.  Thank goodness for a sun-break!  Off to the arboretum again!

20151011 arboretum1 sm

20151011 arboretum2 sm

20151011 arboretum3 sm

20151011 arboretum4 sm

20151011 arboretum5 sm

20151011 arboretum6 sm

My mom and dad headed back to Oregon on Sunday afternoon while Shane, Jules, and I went for a jog along the trails at the Redmond Watershed Preserve.  Juliette happily bumped along the wooded path with Shane, singing songs while I huffed and puffed to keep up.

20151011 redmond watershed1 sm

We saw a couple of horses on the trails, and three days later, we’re still hearing about them.  “Horsey go poo-poo on his bottom, mama!”

20151011 redmond watershed2 sm

20151011 redmond watershed3 sm

20151011 redmond watershed4 sm

20151011 redmond watershed5 sm

20151011 redmond watershed6 sm

Thanks, October, for being awesome.

Shane’s mom left yesterday after a week-long visit – it was a full few days, packed with parks and sight-seeing and plenty of at-home Lego-building and choo-choo time.  We’re missing her today – Juliette’s first words when we came downstairs this morning were, “Where Grandma go?!”  I know, kiddo, it was awfully fun having her around…

Last Sunday was a beautiful Fall day, so we rented a boat at UW and paddled around Lake Washington.  It was a little windy out there, and the water was a little rougher than we anticipated, but after some frantic rowing on Shane’s part, we made our way to the calm, sheltered waters of the arboretum.

20150927 lake washington1 sm

20150927 lake washington2 sm

20150927 lake washington4 sm

Juliette couldn’t resist leaning over to run her fingers through the water, but Grandma kept a firm hold on her life jacket to make sure the rest of her stayed dry.

20150927 lake washington5 sm

20150927 lake washington6 sm

This photo captures our crossing back to the dock so well – Juliette and I snapping pictures while the wind whipped our hair, Shane grimacing with each stroke of the paddle as he struggled to keep us on course.

20150927 lake washington7 sm

Whew!  Made it!

20150927 lake washington8 sm

Shane went to work on Monday while the rest of us headed to the zoo for some animal-gazing.

20150928 woodland park zoo1 sm

We lucked out and saw most of the animals up-close, from giraffes to hippos to these magnificent tigers.

20150928 woodland park zoo2 sm

20150928 woodland park zoo3 sm

20150928 woodland park zoo4 sm

And penguins!!!

20150928 woodland park zoo5 sm

20150928 woodland park zoo6 sm

Juliette loved the flamingos and did her best to mimic their one-legged stance.

20150928 woodland park zoo7 sm

20150928 woodland park zoo8 sm

We said good-bye to our furry and feathered friends around noon and headed home for naptime – Juliette snoozed the afternoon away but woke up ready to get back at it, so we caught the last of the day’s rays at Jefferson Park.

Juliette went to daycare on Tuesday while Shane and his mom did some sight-seeing, and then stayed home with Grandma on Wednesday for some bonding time (which didn’t go quite as planned, stubborn Jules!).  Thursday was Grandma-Mama-Jules day, and the three of us spent the morning at the mall and the afternoon at Luther Burbank Park.

20151001 luther burbank1 sm

Shane biked over after work to meet up with us and have his own go at the playground.

20151001 luther burbank2 sm

20151001 luther burbank6 sm

20151001 luther burbank3 sm

20151001 luther burbank4 sm

20151001 luther burbank5 sm

20151001 luther burbank7 sm

The four of us were together on Friday and decided to spend the cool, gray morning indoors at the Museum of Flight.  This kid looks ready to fly, doesn’t she?

20151002 museum of flight1 sm

20151002 museum of flight2 sm

20151002 museum of flight3 sm

20151002 museum of flight4 sm

20151002 museum of flight5 sm

We headed to Kubota Gardens in the afternoon and wandered down the tree-lined pathways, soaking in all the greens and reds and oranges.

20151002 kubota gardens1 sm

20151002 kubota gardens2 sm

20151002 kubota gardens3 sm

20151002 kubota gardens4 sm

20151002 kubota gardens5 sm

20151002 kubota gardens6 sm

Tuckered out.  Finally.

20151002 kubota gardens7 sm

We said good-bye to Pat yesterday morning, with lots of hugs and a few tears.  Thanks for making the trek out here, Grandma!  Thanks for riding along with us so patiently on the roller-coaster that is toddler-hood.  For loving Juliette so fiercely.  Come back soon.

20151003 grandma sm