Trick or TREAT!  Since Juliette was such a cute owl last year, I decided to stick with the bird theme and whip up a little peacock tutu and feathered headband this year – I’m no seamstress, but I can make good things happen with elastic, tulle, and a hot glue gun!  Jules was a great sport about the whole thing and donned her “bird skirt” throughout our Friday playdate at the toddler gym.

20151030 halloween1 sm

20151030 halloween2 sm

20151030 halloween3 sm

Those feathered leggings were a lucky clearance find at Old Navy.  Don’t let her face fool you – she was super-stoked about the whole thing.

20151030 halloween4 sm

It was fun to see all of Juliette’s buddies in costume, though Clark Kent looks none too thrilled about having his glasses swiped…

20151030 halloween5 sm

This guy looks like he could be posing for a Fireman-of-the-Month calendar, doesn’t he?

20151030 halloween6 sm

20151030 halloween7 sm

Smile, kiddos!  Or don’t.

20151030 halloween8 sm

Thanks, Jeremy Lin, for indulging me.

20151030 halloween9 sm

20151030 halloween10 sm

That feathered rump!

20151030 halloween11 sm

20151030 halloween12 sm

20151030 halloween13 sm

20151030 halloween14 sm

We laid low Saturday morning, saving our energy for an evening of Halloween festivities at Chez Rust.  This girl woke up from naptime ready to get her trick or treat on.

20151031 halloween1 sm

20151031 halloween2 sm

20151031 halloween3 sm

But first, pumpkin guts!  Jules was fascinated when I popped the top off her pumpkin and pulled out a handful of gooey seeds.  She was also sorely disappointed when I told her she wouldn’t be wielding the carving knife.

20151031 halloween4 sm

One pumpkins were carved, the kiddos (plus Jason) suited up in their costumes and set out on their candy quest.

20151031 halloween5 sm

I wasn’t sure how Juliette would take to trick or treating – I expected she’d be a little nervous about knocking on strangers’ doors, but she boldly marched up to that first house, shoved her hand right into that candy bowl, dropped her chocolates in her bucket, and then ran back to me, eyes gleaming as she exclaimed “I got a treat, mama!  I got a TREAT!”.

20151031 halloween6 sm

20151031 halloween7 sm

20151031 halloween8 sm

20151031 halloween9 sm

Jules had a total blast and I reveled in the whole thing right along with her.  I know, processed sugar and yadda, yadda, yadda, but it’s so much fun to watch her take part in these rituals that I remember loving so much as a kid.  Her gleeful (slightly devilish) laugh as she bounded down the steps from each house was priceless.  And that neighborhood does Halloween right, with lots of super-friendly adults in costumes and spooky spiderwebs on porches.

20151031 halloween10 sm

And…slightly frightening window displays…

20151031 halloween12 sm

20151031 halloween11 sm

20151031 halloween13 sm

20151031 halloween14 sm

After one last treat from Wonder Woman, the wind got the best of us and we called it a night.

20151031 halloween15 sm

We went back to the Rusts and the kids excitedly took inventory of their loot – Juliette ate a lollipop and snagged a nibble of a Snickers bar, which sent her over the moon, but miraculously, thankfully, her candy stash was forgotten by the time we tucked her into bed (which is a good thing, as Shane and I ate all the best stuff out of her bucket while we watched E.T. that night!).  Turns out the thrill was more in the chase than the reward.

Happy Halloween, little bird.  Way to spread those wings.