This month has felt long.  Heavy at times, often stressful, full of days that were so short on daylight as darkness seemingly stretched on and on and on.

But I look back at my photos and see there were also a few weekend gems in there, days when the sun came out and we braved the cold for a breath of fresh air.  We took a sunset walk at Lincoln Park a couple of weeks ago and were reminded that winter does have its charm, in the form of snow-capped mountains and soft, pink light.

20160110 lincoln park2 sm

20160110 lincoln park3 sm

20160110 lincoln park4 sm

20160110 lincoln park5 sm

20160110 lincoln park6 sm

20160110 lincoln park7 sm

20160110 lincoln park8 sm

20160110 lincoln park9 sm

20160110 lincoln park10 sm

20160110 lincoln park11 sm

20160110 lincoln park12 sm

Jules and N found wintertime joy as they frolicked in the snow at Hyak on MLK Jr. Day.  I had to work and missed the fun, but these photos from La Verne were too good not to share!

20160118 snow day1

20160118 snow day2

20160118 snow day3

And thank goodness for last Sunday’s SUNday.  Shane, Jules, and I hopped in the car before lunchtime and jetted toward Seahurst Park to grab some rays and do some beach-combing.  I texted the gang to see if they also needed some Vitamin D.  They did.

20160124 seahurst1 sm

20160124 seahurst3 sm

20160124 seahurst4 sm

20160124 seahurst5 sm

20160124 seahurst6 sm

20160124 seahurst7 sm

20160124 seahurst8 sm

20160124 seahurst9 sm

20160124 seahurst10 sm

20160124 seahurst11 sm

20160124 seahurst12 sm

20160124 seahurst13 sm

20160124 seahurst14 sm

20160124 seahurst15 sm

20160124 seahurst16 sm

20160124 seahurst17 sm

20160124 seahurst19 sm

20160124 seahurst20 sm

Shane’s friend Steve visited us this weekend and we went back to Lincoln Park this morning to brag a little on Seattle’s beauty – Jules and I spent most of yesterday cooped up inside while the guys skied and were clearly in need of some physical activity.

20160131 lincoln park1 sm

20160131 lincoln park2 sm

20160131 lincoln park3 sm

While Shane and Steve waxed on about the ethics of football and the theology of Star Wars, Jules and I threw rocks and looked for shells.

20160131 lincoln park7 sm

20160131 lincoln park4 sm


20160131 lincoln park5 sm

I’m ready to flip that calendar page, but I suppose it turns out January didn’t totally suck.

20160131 lincoln park6 sm