Cherry blossom season in Seattle comes in two phases – first the dainty white and light pink blooms of the UW quad, then the puffy pink pom-poms that burst forth across the city.  The pom-poms peaked last week and it felt like I was greeted with happy clouds of pink around every corner.  The walk from my office to Juliette’s daycare has never been lovelier!

20160407 spring1 sm

This sprawling beaut of tree was spotted around the corner from Juliette’s dentist last Friday (poor kid had no idea what she was running toward – teeth cleaning is not in her wheelhouse of favorite activities!)…

20160408 spring2 sm

20160408 spring3 sm

20160408 spring4 sm

And Lake Washington Boulevard has been donning its finest – Juliette and I headed there to decompress and eat a cookie after said traumatic dentist appointment.

20160408 spring1 sm

20160408 spring5 sm

20160408 spring6 sm

20160408 spring7 sm

20160408 spring8 sm

20160408 spring9 sm

Cookies and sunshine do a body good!

20160408 spring10 sm

Shane went for a long bike ride on Sunday and then met Jules and I at the other end of Lake Washington Boulevard – we found a sunny patch of grass near the water and piped the Giants game through Shane’s phone.  It ain’t Spring till you hear Jon Miller shout, “That. Ball. Is. OUTTA HERE!”

20160410 spring1 sm

20160410 spring2 sm

20160410 spring3 sm

20160410 spring4 sm

20160410 spring5 sm

20160410 spring6 sm

20160410 spring7 sm

It was a stunning weekend, weather-wise.  And then…this happened.

20160412 spring2 sm

The trek to Juliette’s school wasn’t quite so grand today – no chirping birds, no bright and fluffy trees.  Just gray skies, wet shoes, and bloom-strewn sidewalks.  I know, I know, part of the magic of cherry blossom season lies in its ephemeral nature, but I can’t help wishing it would last just a little longer.

20160412 spring1 sm