A smorgasboard of photos from the past couple of weeks:

One of my very favorite kids turned six last week and we celebrated with pizza and popsicles at the park.  I remember when this sweet boy was just a little roly-poly of a thing – now he’s SIX, all grown-up and super-cool.

20160416 zebo birthday1 sm

Still awfully sweet, though…

20160416 zebo birthday2 sm

20160416 zebo birthday3 sm

Most of the attendees were boys in the 6-10 year range and Jules couldn’t quite keep up, but she was pretty thrilled to watch from the sidelines and get a glimpse of future shenanigans.

20160416 zebo birthday11 sm

20160416 zebo birthday5 sm

20160416 zebo birthday7 sm

Don’t even think about it, kiddo!  Too high, too high!

20160416 zebo birthday6 sm

Best to stick with frolicking in the grass with her pint-sized buddy!

20160416 zebo birthday10 sm

20160416 zebo birthday8 sm

20160416 zebo birthday9 sm

Love you, Z!  It’s such a pleasure to watch you grow.

20160416 zebo birthday4 sm


Shane, Jules, and I spent a sunny Sunday morning hanging out at Lake Union, watching the boats and sea planes go by.

20160417 lake union1 sm

20160417 lake union2 sm

20160417 lake union3 sm

Girl knows how to accessorize!

20160417 lake union4 sm

20160417 lake union5 sm

20160417 lake union6 sm

And then a sunny Sunday evening at Seward Park – suddenly beach weather is upon us!

20160417 seward park1 sm

20160417 seward park2 sm

20160417 seward park3 sm

20160417 seward park4 sm

20160417 seward park5 sm

20160417 seward park6 sm

These two were giddy with the promise of summer on the horizon (it’s a distant horizon, but still very exciting!).

20160417 seward park7 sm

20160417 seward park8 sm

20160417 seward park9 sm


I’m loving these longer daylight hours – we can push Juliette’s bedtime back a bit on the evenings we want to take a spin around the block after dinner.  She’s slowly getting the hang of her balance bike, although it seems she usually decides she’s done riding once we’ve reached the farthest point from home.  Of course.

20160420 biker sm


We checked out Montlake Playground on Friday with our buddies – Juliette was quick to set up shop in the “kitchen” and make me a sausage with chocolate.

20160422 montlake1 sm

20160422 montlake3 sm

20160422 montlake6 sm

20160422 montlake7 sm

This.  Kid’s.  Smile.

20160422 montlake8 sm

20160422 montlake9 sm

20160422 montlake10 sm


Little O turns three tomorrow and we celebrated with him on Saturday morning at a Top Pot Caspar Babypants concert.  He is Caspar’s biggest fan and bopped along to every single song.

20160422 oli birthday2 sm

Jules was not so impressed with the music, but the donut with sprinkles was a major hit.  Points to Shane for not complaining once through the whole thing – this is decidedly not his scene!

20160422 oli birthday3 sm


Shane is bound and determined to make a biking family out of us, so he borrowed Nancy’s bike for me on Saturday afternoon and corralled Jules and me over to Seward Park for a short ride.  Truth be told, I would have preferred to tuck myself into the bike trailer with Juliette and her books, but still, it was fun.

20160423 bike ride1 sm

The mid-ride stop for snacks by the water was a plus.

20160423 bike ride2 sm


Yesterday was rainy and gray – we spent a lot of time cuddled up inside with hot tea and Finding Nemo.  Juliette and I did venture out for a quick run up to Jefferson Park - I haven’t jogged with the stroller in awhile and barely made it up the hill with old bag of books.  As I huffed and puffed, she called back, “What’s wrong, Mommy?”  I said, “You’re so heavy, baby!”  She sighed dramatically and said, “I know!  I’m so tired!”  Life is rough, huh, kid?

20160424 joggers sm