Ahhhhh weekends: a precious time to recharge and reconnect after a long week.


Juliette woke up at 5:45 on Saturday morning.  I think she was in time-out twice before 7 am.  Shane and I had made grand plans for a fun family hike in the mountains that day, but when I came out to join them in the car, I found Jules laying on the floor of the back seat, scowl on her face and arms stubbornly crossed, and Shane on the verge of losing his shit.  We almost called it a day.  At 7:45.

We pressed on, though, as the thought of shuttering ourselves indoors with our little monster was hardly anything to look forward to.  We sweet-talked Jules into her car seat, put on some music, handed her an apple and a couple of books, and just north of Seattle it seemed the toddler tides were turning.  We all sang along to “Ho Hey” and decided it was going to be a great day (Lord have mercy, please make this a great day!).

We arrived at the Heather Lake trailhead around 9 am and loaded up our backpacks – I carried snacks, water, and sunscreen while Shane hauled the kid (I got the better end of the deal, for sure).

20160507 heather lake1 sm

The trail was a little more rugged than we anticipated, but Shane channeled his inner mule and plowed right on ahead.

20160507 heather lake2 sm

Oh, and look who came along for the ride – three Rust boys!  And a dog with a gimp leg!  (That’s Dexter, their weekend dog-sitting charge.)

20160507 heather lake5 sm

20160507 heather lake4 sm

Juliette has no idea how good she has it.  Actually, judging from that face, maybe she does.

20160507 heather lake6 sm

20160507 heather lake8 sm

20160507 heather lake9 sm

I had my qualms about setting out on a five-mile hike with three kids and a gimpy dog, but the boys scrambled over the rocks like little mountain goats, chattering happily as I struggled to catch my breath.

20160507 heather lake10 sm

PLEASE let that be the light at the end of the tunnel!

20160507 heather lake11 sm


20160507 heather lake12 sm

20160507 heather lake13 sm

We sat on the shore of Heather Lake and dipped our toes in the freezing cold water, thankful for our long trek’s stunning pay-off.

20160507 heather lake14 sm

20160507 heather lake15 sm

20160507 heather lake15b sm

20160507 heather lake16 sm

Once we’d hydrated, we set out for the short loop around the lake.  It was an easy walk and the perfect place to let Juliette do some “hiking” of her own.

20160507 heather lake18 sm

20160507 heather lake17 sm

The kids were stoked about the patches of snow along the trail.  A snowball fight in May – who’d a thought?!

20160507 heather lake20 sm

20160507 heather lake19 sm

Juliette spent much of the day yelling, “Gryffin!  Hold my hand!”  He was so sweet to oblige.

20160507 heather lake23 sm

20160507 heather lake22 sm

We found a shady spot on the water’s edge to stop and eat lunch.  Juliette snuggled into my lap and I marveled at how lucky we are to live in the PNW.

20160507 heather lake21 sm

Soon enough, it was time to hit the long dusty trail back to the car.  These two make hiking looking so fun.  And deceptively easy.

20160507 heather lake24 sm

Juliette started getting antsy toward the end, so we pulled her out for the last half mile and let her grab her own walking stick.  Ok, actually Shane lost his balance and she kind of fell out, but thankfully, no one was hurt.  I tell you, we’re a bunch of troopers.

20160507 heather lake25 sm

MADE IT!  It was a long, exhausting day with a touch-and-go start, but a grand success in the end.  Kudos to Shane for upping the adventure ante – he always seems to know just how far to push us.

20160507 heather lake26 sm

For Mother’s Day, I asked for nothing more than rest.  Juliette obliged and didn’t stir until 8:30 on Sunday (penance for the previous morning’s obscenely early wake-up).  Shane took her downstairs while I slowly rolled out of bed and I came down to find the two of them busy in the kitchen, Shane at the stove and Jules at the coffee grinder.

20160508 mothers day1 sm

Shane served me perfectly crispy bacon and just-gooey-enough poached eggs with my fresh-brewed coffee and then Juliette and I piled blankets and pillows on the living room floor so that we could snuggle up with a movie.  Once we’d sufficiently vegged, we headed out for an easy family bike ride.  We drove over to Marymoor Park and then hopped on the Sammamish River Trail.

20160508 mothers day4 sm

I’m getting on board with this bike thing.  Particularly when it involves biking toward french fries and beer – Redhook, here we come!

20160508 mothers day4b sm

20160508 mothers day2 sm

It was so serene out there, all gray and green, cool but not cold.

20160508 mothers day3 sm

We rolled up to the brewery just in time to beat the lunch rush.  Juliette was a lovely little dining companion and could hardly believe her luck when Shane told her that our next stop was for ice cream.  Mother’s Day was suddenly right up there with Christmas on her list of favorite holidays!

20160508 mothers day6 sm

20160508 mothers day5 sm

French fry high?

20160508 mothers day7 sm

Shane had read good things about Shug’s, a fancy new ice cream parlor in downtown Seattle, and it did not disappoint.  I recommend a scoop of the blueberry.  And a scoop of the coffee.

20160508 mothers day10 sm

And oh my word, the cookies and cream!

20160508 mothers day9 sm

20160508 mothers day8 sm

20160508 mothers day11 sm

I’m so thankful I get to be this kid’s mama.  No doubt, it’s not all smiles and snuggles, but my word, she’s amazing.

20160508 mothers day12 sm

I sneaked away in the afternoon for a pedicure and coffee with La Verne and made it home for a mellow dinner and goodnight kisses.  Shane fell asleep at 8:00 and I finished out season 6 of Gilmore Girls.  Ahhhhh…weekends: they really can be so, so good.