We’re due, aren’t we?  I’ve only got another one or two of these in me before my little babe turns THREE.

While Juliette still loves to be wrapped up in her towel after her bath and snuggled to the tune of Rock-A-Bye, Baby, she’s daily planting her feet more firmly in big kid ground.  She doesn’t sit in my lap for bedtime books anymore and insists on a silly game where I try to sit in her lap before we each settle into our respective sides of the glider.  And last week, when I started in on Harold and the Purple Crayon, she said, “No, no, no, Mommy!  I read to you!”  She’s got her own version of Barnyard Dance and needs only minor prompting for The Itsy Bitsy Snowman.

(Who looks more ready for bed in this picture?!)

20160603 storytime sm

It might be a stretch to say she’s really reading, but she’s super-interested in letters these days.  She tackled lower-case characters last month and seems quite pleased with her progress (b, d, and h are all mixed up, but we’ll get there).  p.s. No reason to be concerned about her forehead – band-aids are just her new favorite accessory.

Her mouth runs a mile a minute, and while we’re dealing with much-too-much whining and repetitive questioning (“What is this is, Mommy?  What is that is, Mommy?  I neeeeeeed it!”), the random stuff that comes out of her mouth is pretty good.  Like when we drive past some woods and she says ever-so-hopefully, “Maybe there’s some goats in those bushes?  You tink so, Mommy?”  Or when she throws open the bathroom door and yells, “DADDY!  ARE YOU GOING POOP?!”  (Privacy is nothing but a distant memory.)

She doesn’t go anywhere without Purple Baby anymore – PB comes to church with us and waits patiently in the car all day while Juliette’s in school and loves to ride along in the bike trailer (Jules is not sharing that Kombucha, though!).

20160430 jules2 sm

20160610 juliette10 sm

20160530 memorial day1 sm

But who’s an even better playmate than Purple Baby?  Her buddy N, of course.

20160429 jules2 sm

20160430 jules sm

20160610 teeter totter sm

Grandpa had an overnight layover in Seattle a couple of weeks ago en route to the East Coast – Jules was more than willing to show him the ropes at the neighborhood playground.

20160601 grandpa jules2 sm

This picture is a couple of months old, but I just came across it on my phone and feel compelled to share it…

20160320 jules sm

I guess she’s still got some baby-ness left in her, huh?

20160415 naptime sm

Happy 33 months, sunshine!  You’re da best.

20160610 juliette2 sm

20160610 juliette4 sm

20160610 juliette5 sm

20160610 juliette7 sm

20160610 juliette8 sm

20160610 juliette9 sm