We’re only 10 days into the official summer season, but we’ve already made some good progress on our summertime bucket list.  These sun-shiny months have a pesky way of flying by at warp speed, so we’re doing our best to make the most of them.  This means…

Berry-picking!  We spent a Sunday morning out at Remlinger Farms a couple of weeks ago and walked away with five pounds of raspberries and seven pounds of strawberries.  At least, that’s what was in our bucket.  Throw in another pound or two for the loot in Juliette’s belly.

20160612 remlinger berries2 sm

20160612 remlinger berries3 sm

20160612 remlinger berries4 sm

20160612 remlinger berries6 sm

20160612 remlinger berries7 sm

20160612 remlinger berries8 sm

20160612 remlinger berries9 sm

20160612 remlinger berries11 sm

Kudos to Shane for staying focused on the task at hand…

20160612 remlinger berries12 sm

20160612 remlinger berries13 sm

20160612 remlinger berries14 sm

20160612 remlinger berries15 sm

Biking for beer has become something else of a summertime tradition for us.  The ride from Matthews Beach to 192 Brewing in Kenmore is a favorite route – nachos and Pilsner at one end…

20160626 192 brewing1 sm

20160626 192 brewing2 sm

And then back to the beach to cool off in Lake Washington!

20160626 matthews beach2 sm

Shane thinks Juliette looks like one of the Golden Girls in this swimsuit.  I love it.

20160626 matthews beach1 sm

20160626 matthews beach3 sm

20160626 matthews beach4 sm

20160626 matthews beach5 sm

20160626 matthews beach6 sm

When Juliette wants to ditch the bike trailer and strike out on her own, we head to Lincoln Park for the water-side pathway.  She’s gettin’ to be a speed demon on that thing!

20160625 lincoln park1 sm

Must be these expert demos:

20160625 jefferson park1 sm

We’re spending plenty of time at the tried-and-true favorites, like the Jefferson Spray Park (note to self:  she will always get soaked.  always pack a swimsuit!).

20160625 jefferson park2 sm

And the Cheasty Greenbelt across the street from our house.  We don’t have much in the way of backyard, but this is a dang good substitute!

20160626 cheasty greenbelt1 sm

20160626 cheasty greenbelt2 sm

And last night, an intense wrestling match on the lawn at the Columbia City Farmer’s Market – what you can’t see is the cherry juice dribbling down these kids’ chins!

20160629 market wrestle sm

Comin’ tomorrow:  JULY!