July 1st was the beginning of what turned out to be a pretty grand four-day weekend.  We toasted to the new month on Friday evening with beer and tacos at Chuck’s Hop Shop, and then headed over to Miller Playfield for a romp in the evening sun.  I couldn’t tear these kids off the swings…

20160701 miller playfield1 sm

Until I muttered two magic words:  ICE CREEEEEEAM!!!  Meet Hello Robin’s happiest customers:

20160701 hello robin1 sm

20160701 hello robin2 sm

20160701 hello robin3 sm

20160701 hello robin4 sm

The kids burned off their sugar rush with a quick yoga session on the lawn and a game of “Ding” Around the Rosy near the car, and then we called a day.

20160701 miller playfield2 sm

20160701 miller playfield3 sm

Saturday held adventures of the indoor variety, as we met up with several of Juliette’s buddies for her very first movie.  She’s been a huge Nemo fan for awhile, so the chance to watch her experience Finding Dory on the big screen was pretty irresistible.  She sat through the whole thing, happily munching on popcorn and then exclaiming, “that was fun, Mommy!” as we walked out of the theater.  We hadn’t even hit the sidewalk before she asked to go again (not happening!).

20160702 finding dory sm

Mitch, Kathryn, and the girls rolled into Seattle on Sunday afternoon.  Shane grilled steak and veggies for lunch, I filled our glasses with white wine and beer, and then we settled into the patio chairs for a long, leisurely lunch.  Morgan and Juliette were thrilled to be reunited after several weeks apart.

20160703 cousins1 sm

These girls and their babies!

20160703 cousins2 sm

20160703 cousins3 sm

After a total naptime bust, Shane offered to haul all three kids to Seward Park on the bike.  Uncle of the Year!

20160703 cousins4 sm

We spent a couple of hours down by the lake, tossing the frisbee and playing in the sand and eventually soaking a couple of pairs of pants.

20160703 seward park1 sm

20160703 seward park2 sm

20160703 seward park3 sm

20160703 seward park4 sm

I know, I know, why do I wait until her clothes are soaked before putting on the swimsuit?!

20160703 seward park5 sm

I ducked out in the evening for an art class I’m taking while Shane put our over-tired wound-up kiddo to bed (no small feat).  I met up with the guys after class for a late-night drink at Raconteur, followed by a late-late-night drink at Union Bar.  Mitch and I haven’t been out together past midnight in years.  Many years!

We spent Monday morning eating pancakes and watching Stage 3 of the Tour de France, then eventually rallying for a stroll through the Cheasty Greenbelt.

20160704 cheasty greenbelt1 sm

20160704 cheasty greenbelt2 sm

We made plans to head up to Jefferson Park and Morgan begged Uncle Shane to take her in the bike trailer.  It’s quite a climb to the park, and we’d had those late-late-night drinks, so I wasn’t sure he’d be up for it.  But he channeled his inner Tour de France-r and went for it – somebody get this guy a polka dot jersey!

20160704 jefferson park2 sm

20160704 jefferson park1 sm

We hit each and every piece of playground equipment in that big, sprawling park.

20160704 jefferson park3 sm

20160704 jefferson park4 sm

20160704 jefferson park5 sm

Several times.

20160704 jefferson park6 sm

20160704 jefferson park7 sm

We grabbed an afternoon cup of coffee in Georgetown and then the Jarrells hit the road.  Jules bawled her eyes when we said our good-byes.

20160704 all city coffee1 sm

I barely held it together myself!

20160704 all city coffee2 sm

Luckily, there was more fun to be had that day, as we spent the evening at the Rusts eating and drinking and playing.

20160704 rusts bbq1 sm

20160704 rusts bbq2 sm

You’re cute, Jules.

20160704 rusts bbq3 sm

Brian showed up with a bucket full of fresh-caught live crabs.  We all had a good laugh while watching Jason ever-so-anxiously transfer them from bucket to pot.

20160704 rusts bbq4 sm

This scene looks so sweet and serene, doesn’t it?  It sounded like pure chaos.

20160704 rusts bbq5 sm

20160704 rusts bbq6 sm

20160704 rusts bbq7 sm

Isaiah keeps a pretty good beat, though!

20160704 rusts bbq8 sm

Happy Independence Day from this crazy crew!  Looking forward to more summer shenanigans with you all!

20160704 rusts bbq9 sm

20160704 rusts bbq10 sm