Baby boy is half-way to ONE!  Without further ado, let me cut right to the chase:

Isaac gets rounder and happier with each passing month.  He still runs us all a little ragged, and his screams still border on deafening, but gosh, the moments of utter delight with this kid.  There are so many of them.

He’s squishier than ever but still in tip-top shape, as Juliette makes sure he gets ample standing time on those chubby little legs.

She’s also working with him on his sitting skills; under her careful tutelage, he does a pretty solid tripod!  And she’s so glowingly proud.

There are moments, though, when we all need a baby break and so the bouncer that a friend let us borrow has come in handy.  More and more, Isaac seems to favor being vertical rather than horizontal, so this contraption is worth the space it takes up in our living room.

This is the week that we’ve started cracking down on lap-naps and getting baby boy to sleep in his crib, so indulge me in these last few Pics from the Gray Rocking Chair

But even if he sleeps in his crib, I expect we’ll still do plenty of nursing and post-nap hanging out in our favorite spot in the house.  We do love our chair chats after he’s good and rested.

We took a step back from solid foods when they messed with Isaac’s ability to poop, but we’ve slowly been adding back a snack here and there.  These teething crackers are super-handy when I need to keep him entertained for a few minutes.

He became aware of his feet in the past few weeks and goes for his toes whenever he’s on the changing table – he’s gotten a pretty good latch on his big toe a handful of times.  I admire his flexibility!

Big sister is still THE BEST.

And eyes are still THE BLUEST (especially outside!).

More gratuitous diaper pics…

And pics in my favorite PJ’s…

And pics in overalls…

And pics just because…

Happy half-year, sweet boy.