Oh, baby.  Baby, baby, baby.  Fourteen months old and definitely verging on toddler-hood, though clinging to a few vestiges of his younger days.  Like the bottle.  Buddy loves his bottle (and won’t turn down a chance to nurse, either, though I’m afraid I don’t have much left to offer anymore).  His pediatrician recommended moving from bottle to sippy cup, and we’ll get there soon, but right now he’s not ready (ok, Mama’s not ready!).

I mean, the only waking time that he’s mellow enough for a snuggle session is with a bottle in hand.  Juliette takes full advantage.

Isaac also sleeps more like a baby than a toddler, still waking once (maybe twice) in the night and always nuzzling in deep for a chair nap when Shane and I are feeling soft.

He’s gotten a bit better about going to sleep on his own at bedtime without copious amounts of rocking, but sometimes I throw him a little bone…

Wakeup time!  Still a ray of sunshine.

Kiddo was sick a lot in September, and I can see it here in his flushed cheeks and crusty eyelashes.  Gosh, that was a tough few weeks.  These photos are a little deceiving – I mean sure, he still flashed his contagious smiles, but the sick kid / working parents juggling act is no joke.

This is the doctor’s visit where he was diagnosed with a double ear infection after four straight days of fever.  You’re a good sport, Isaac.

Feeling better!  And playing cars, which continue to be his favorite toys.

He loves the book Little Blue Truck and there’s a line in it that reads,  “Honk!” yelled a dump truck!  “Coming through!  I’ve big important things to do!”  That’s Isaac to a T.

He still darts into Juliette’s room when left to his own devices so that he can bang on her keyboard.

Her daily practice is like a siren song – he can’t help himself!

I bought this rocking pony at the neighborhood consignment store and it was very popular for a couple of weeks, until he stood up on it and flipped over the front, landing on his head.  Make better choices, Isaac.

He’s not really into TV and pays very little attention when it’s on, except when he hears the theme song for Bluey, at which point he drops whatever he’s doing, starts clapping excitedly, and then tries to scale the credenza.

He’s opting more and more for ordinary objects over his bucket of toys and loves brushing his hair and pointing an old unfunctioning remote at the TV.  There was a week when he hardly let go of our thermometer, toting it with him everywhere and occasionally swiping it over his forehead.  Toys are for chumps, huh, Buddy?

And oh, the kitchen cabinet carnage.  Eighty percent of the fun seems to be in just pulling things out of drawers and throwing them on the floor.  The remaining twenty percent of the fun is found in stirring an empty bowl with a plastic spoon.  Whatever keeps him occupied, I guess?

He loves playing with doors and once I got over my extreme fear of him pinching his fingers, I just let him go for it.  It makes for a pretty sweet game of peek-a-boo.

He still doesn’t say much – there’s a lot of nonsensical chatter, but no real words yet.  Lots of pointing at random objects and exclaiming / questioning, “Dah?!  Dah?!”

Most notably, Isaac is walking!  A few weeks ago, on a quiet Friday at home together, Isaac let go of the edge of the couch where he was cruising, turned to me with his arms outstretched, and toddled right to me, stumbling into my chest.  I squealed in delight, wrapping him in the tightest of hugs as I shouted to Shane, who was working downstairs, “HE JUST WALKED!  Isaac just walked!”  I pulled him away from me for a moment to look at his face, and oh, the pride.  Parenting a baby can be exceedingly tedious, but gosh, the bursts of excitement…  He stumbled through a couple of steps at a time for a couple of weeks, and then in mid-October it really clicked.  He came home from daycare one afternoon and suddenly was spending way more time on his feet than on his hands and knees.

Today I don’t know that I saw him crawl at all!  Courting toddler status, I tell you…

Finally, a heavy dose of brother-sister love…

Isaac generally prefers my lap when looking for a place to sit, but no one is funnier than his sister.  Once Juliette gets him going, she’ll stop at nothing to keep the giggle train running.

More sweet and simple moments at home…

The extended summer temps were a Godsend when we were cooped up with fevers but just needed a backyard dose of Vitamin D.


And that’s a wrap!  Get your rest, Isaac.  You’ve got more walkin’ to do tomorrow.