It’s nice to have a comfy new scarf to protect me from this biting Seattle cold we’re feeling these days…


details: garter stitch (16 across), size 15 needles, double strand (one skein solid blue wool blend, one skein variegated blue and brown boucle).

I’m about “scarfed out” now (the scarf rack in the corner of our bedroom is becoming overgrown and resembles a sasquatch when the light are out), so my next project will have to be something new. Maybe get a head start on a Christmas sweater for Shane? I thought he would look super-hot in this one:


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  1. brieanne says:

    shane would look HOT in that sweater–definitely should make sure it’s ready for holiday ’08. and i feel you on the scarf monster–it’s so easy to get in a making frenzy and then you end up with a multi-color mound of scarves without a home. very pretty, by the way!