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Yesterday was my birthday, but we did the bulk of our celebrating today, with brunch and two park visits and a little me-time and then dinner with friends.  It was a great day.  Such a great day, in fact, that I couldn’t limit my snapshots to just 10 favorites…thus, here’s 16 on 10!

20141010 ten on ten1 sm

Volunteer Park Cafe might be a new go-to breakfast spot – such a cozy vibe in there.  Juliette was clearly a fan!


20141010 ten on ten2 sm

Who’s that guy out there?


20141010 ten on ten3 sm

Fall is in full-swing.  And I love it.


20141010 ten on ten4 sm

Park fix.


20141010 ten on ten5 sm



20141010 ten on ten6 sm

Her hair matches these autumn leaves so perfectly.


20141010 ten on ten7 sm



20141010 ten on ten8 sm

I slipped away this afternoon for a little treat.


20141010 ten on ten9 sm

Such a luxury these days…


20141010 ten on ten10 sm

Liking this color combo.


20141010 ten on ten11 sm

Kubota love.


20141010 ten on ten12 sm

SERIOUS Kubota love.


20141010 ten on ten13 sm

Higher, dad, higher!


20141010 ten on ten14 sm

First-ever ride on papa’s shoulders.


20141010 ten on ten15 sm

No hands!


20141010 ten on ten16 sm

Dinner with the gang.


With that, I’ve got a salted caramel macaron and a cup of mint tea calling my name…  Over and out.

Another ten on ten (which is actually nine on ten this month, as I came up one photo short!):

20140810 ten on ten1 sm

Breakfast at our favorite neighborhood joint.


20140810 ten on ten2 sm

Followed by swinging and teeter-tottering at the playground.


20140810 ten on ten3 sm

Shane’s training for a 100-mile bike ride and spent the morning giving his Trek some extra love.


20140810 ten on ten4 sm

Beach baby.


20140810 ten on ten5 sm

The water was warm today! (photo by Shane)


20140810 ten on ten6 sm

Back porch lounging during afternoon nap.


20140810 ten on ten7 sm

Evening trek to Jefferson Park.


20140810 ten on ten8 sm



20140810 ten on ten9 sm

Sun going down on a perfect day.

The ten on ten challenge slipped my mind last month, but today was a great day to have my camera in hand!

20140710 ten on ten1 sm

I pulled out all my tricks to get Jules to hang out in bed with me as late as possible today.  Late, as in 7:15 am.


20140710 ten on ten2 sm

It’s Bakery Thursday!


20140710 ten on ten3 sm

Bright, bright blue.


20140710 ten on ten4 sm

Snack time with her best bud.


20140710 ten on ten5 sm

Beach baby.


20140710 ten on ten6 sm

Blue part two.


20140710 ten on ten7 sm

Totally tuckered out.


20140710 ten on ten9 sm

Dining al fresco.


20140710 ten on ten8 sm

Summer dessert.


20140710 ten on ten10 sm

Camera shy.

Another ten on ten – ten photos over ten hours on the tenth of the month…

20140510 ten on ten1 sm

Best bedhead ever.


20140510 ten on ten2 sm

Embracing the baby clutter that usually drives me crazy…


20140510 ten on ten3 sm

Our yard has exploded with springtime color this month.  Shane thinks our planters are an overgrown jungle – I’m calling them “perfectly lush”.


20140510 ten on ten4 sm

These two blue-eyed pig-tailed girlies enjoyed a snack together at Brian and Nicole’s garage sale fundraiser.


20140510 ten on ten5 sm

Gryff was pretty stoked about his 50-cent ball cap.  Looks so good on you, bud!


20140510 ten on ten6 sm

Stopping to strike a pose on our way inside.


20140510 ten on ten7 sm

Nap-time craft-time (more on this one later!).


20140510 ten on ten8 sm

Post-nap swing-time.


20140510 ten on ten9 sm

Gray day.


20140510 ten on ten10 sm

Baby in bed, dinner eaten, table cleared, day is done…

Time for another ten on ten!

20140410 ten on ten1 sm

Now that Jules is eating more solid food, I’m loving the fact that we can have a meal together.  But I’m seeing now that her carrots with oatmeal look a little sad next to my tea, eggs, brussel sprouts, and yogurt…  At least she doesn’t know what she’s missing yet?


20140410 ten on ten2 sm

Morning stories.


20140410 ten on ten3 sm

Naptime (for both of us)!


20140410 ten on ten4 sm

Post-nap walk in the sun.  So thankful when the stars align and we get weather like this on my days off.


20140410 ten on ten5 sm

Favorite walking buddy.


20140410 ten on ten6 sm

Playtime at the park – we spread out a blanket and I unpacked my bag full of books and toys, but Jules was much more interested in watching the big kids run wild on the lawn.


20140410 ten on ten7 sm

Coffee, cookies, and Colbert during nap #2.  I’ve really missed this extra me-time since returning to work.


20140410 ten on ten8 sm

Had a boba craving and was excited to discover that Ambrosia opened a store just one lightrail stop away from us.  We shot out the door on a milk tea mission the minute Jules woke from her nap.  I sent La Verne a “boba?” text and she and Nico were also there in a flash.


20140410 ten on ten9 sm

On our walk home from Ambrosia – the way these dandelions glowed in the evening light made me feel like we’re on the cusp of summer (I know, I’m foolishly getting my hopes up).


20140410 ten on ten10 sm

The joyous nightly reunion.

Giving the ten on ten challenge another go – ten photos over ten consecutive hours:

20140310 ten on ten1 sm

Thankful for the extra daylight in the evening, but dang, it’s hard to get out of bed on these dark, gray mornings.


20140310 ten on ten2 sm

Realizing it will soon be time to pack away Juliette’s 3-6 month clothes.  I’ll miss that bunny onesie.


20140310 ten on ten3 sm

Taking a tea break while my mom attends to the should-be-napping baby upstairs…


20140310 ten on ten4 sm

Calling naptime a bust and hopping on lightrail to head downtown for lunch.


20140310 ten on ten5 sm

And, in the midst of bustling Pike Place Market, she sleeps.


20140310 ten on ten6 sm

Good coffee shop weather.


20140310 ten on ten7 sm

Signs of Spring in the midst of all this gray!


20140310 ten on ten8 sm

A flower for Juliette from a very thoughtful friend.


20140310 ten on ten9 sm

Sweet potatoes for dinner.


20140310 ten on ten10 sm

And pork stew for our dinner, prepared by my mom from a box o’ meat shipped to us from Shane’s mom and dad.  We have the best parents.

Goooooood night, folks.  This was fun.

I wandered down a mom blog rabbit hole yesterday during Juliette’s afternoon nap and stumbled upon a bit of sunshine’s ten on ten photo project.  The challenge is to take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month.  My photography skills can always use some practice, and I like the idea of capturing the little details that make up life as I know it right now, so here’s February’s ten on ten (which is actually nine on the eleventh – wow, I’m off to a roaring start!):

20140211 ten on ten1 sm

 morning snuggles


20140211 ten on ten2 sm

daily dose


20140211 ten on ten3 sm

so happy to see mama after a good morning nap


20140211 ten on ten4 sm

will she love shoes like i do?


20140211 ten on ten5 sm

peek-a-boo with juliette’s little buddy


20140211 ten on ten6 sm

sophie the giraffe gets to ride shotgun while jules is stuck in the back seat


20140211 ten on ten7 sm

picking up my knitting needles for the first time in almost a year


20140211 ten on ten8 sm

chewin’ on stuff while we wait for dad to get home


20140211 ten on ten9 sm

ahhhhh, these two.  so blessed.