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My watercolor sketchbook is now full, and I’m taking that as a sign that it’s time to move into a larger format – I think I feel my next collection brewing…

raindrops (2012.04.09):

fisheye (2012.04.11):

tree canopy (inspired by influx_studio’s ‘urban oasis’) (2012.04.28):

More watercolors.  Liking the dark and muted colors in the second two – feels so…Seattle, no?

painted hills (2012.03.02):

full moon (2012.03.07):

forest through the trees (2012.03.12):

geodesic  (2012.03.17):

constellation (2012.03.22):

Still loving watercolors. And hexagons…

glass house (2012.01.31):

dragon scales (2012.02.03):

treeline (2012.02.22):

hex hills (2012.02.24):

Indeed – the return of the weekly sketch!  I’ve been off-track for a few months now, but I’m back – doodling, cutting and pasting, and, most notably, painting.  I have pulled out my crusty old watercolor set and am having a lot of fun re-exploring this medium.  I like the drippy, spotty texture of watercolor, especially paired with straight, fine graphite lines.  And hot damn, it feels good to be art-ing again.

spotlight (2011.12.20):

canyon tracks (2012.01.09):

pebble beach (2012.01.12):

drop-off (2012.01.17):


Still snipping up bits of colored transparencies, putting pencil to paper, finding inspiration in buildings and brick and strings of power lines…

canyon (2011.01.12):

bridges (2011.01.15):

letterbox house (2011.01.24):

amtrak (2011.01.30):

Switchin’ it up – some plain old pencil on paper, since I recently rediscovered how much I like the tone and ‘smudginess’ of graphite.  Also loving sticky-back printable transparencies – my new favorite way to incorporate my photos into my drawings.

cabin in the woods (2010.12.05):

section in winter (2011.01.02):

jardin des plantes (2011.01.06):

Still loving the mix of painting, collage, and drawing.  Inspired by architecture these days – planes, angles, corners, set against a backdrop of color…

pepto sky (2010.10.17):

green glass (2010.10.22):

rambler (2010.11.15):

mod house (2010.11.17):

Back into painting, squeezing globs of nearly-dried-out acrylic paint onto my palette, mixing these colors with a little bit of collage, a little bit of drawing, a little bit of a mess…

lit up (2010.09.28):

bubbles (2010.10.04):

island (2010.10.09):

gridlock (2010.10.13):

Yes – after a multi-month hiatus, I’m back into the groove of my weekly sketches.  Playing a lot with collages, spending my evenings with magazine clippings and a bottle of Elmer’s.  It’s fun.

green (2010.09.05):

tedium (2010.09.11):

west elm topos (2010.09.14):

volver (2010.09.16):

desert (2010.09.17):

I’ve been spending a lot of time flipping through furniture catalogs lately, tempting myself with plenty of stuff that we really don’t need.  So rather than buy the items on those dog-eared pages…Voila.

chair (2010.05.12):

sofa (2010.05.16):

table (2010.05.22):

I’m taking a break from the weekly sketches for the next few weeks, but only so that I can focus on some other art projects.  So stay tuned!