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Shane and I aren’t the spontaneous type.  Never have been, really, and since we had Juliette, we’re even less likely to leave Seattle without at least ten days of careful planning.  But when Jason and Nancy asked us on Friday night if we wanted to head to the coast with them the next day for an overnight trip, we threw caution to the wind and said YES!  Somehow, in the 11 years we’ve lived here, we’ve never seen Washington’s view of the Pacific Ocean.  We rolled into Westport shortly after noon and spread out our blanket on the sand at Half Moon Bay.

20160723 westport1 sm

20160723 westport2 sm

20160723 westport3 sm

20160723 westport4 sm

20160723 westport5 sm

20160723 westport6 sm

20160723 westport7 sm

Jason recently took up kite boarding and was eager to capitalize on the wind (I was thrilled just to feel the warm, soft sand between my toes).

20160723 westport17 sm

20160723 westport11 sm

20160723 westport12 sm

As we watched Jason zig-zag across the bay, Shane asked Nance, “Did you see that thing splash in the water out there?”.

20160723 westport13 sm

Indeed, there was some sort of water-borne creature circling the bay.  Something with a big flat fin and a long gray body.   After conferring with Google and some nearby beach-combers, we were pretty sure we were seeing a gray whale!  Wild.

20160723 westport14 sm

20160723 westport15 sm

See that splash?  See Jason obliviously galavanting about the water?  This was the moment when Nance started yelling and waving her arms, motioning him to please come back to the safety of dry land!

20160723 westport16 sm

He came in for a bit, but was back at it once the waters had quieted…

20160723 westport18 sm

20160723 westport26 sm

Isaiah scampered around the driftwood fort…

20160723 westport19 sm

And these two settled in for a snuggle.  Juliette has fallen into the role of Gryff’s sometimes-sweet, sometimes-completely-annoying kid sister.  She hardly let this guy out of her site throughout the entire weekend.  Whenever Gryff would try to break away for a moment of peace, Juliette would beg, “Gryff!  Hold my hand!”, at which point he would just sigh and say, “Oh, Ju-Ju…” and let her tag along.  He’s a softie, that kid.

20160723 westport20 sm

Ahhhh, ocean!  We’ve missed you!

20160723 westport24 sm

20160723 westport23 sm

20160723 westport27 sm

20160723 westport28 sm

20160723 westport30 sm

20160723 westport31 sm

20160723 westport32 sm

I see you, Bups!

20160723 westport33 sm

We checked into our condo late in the afternoon and scoped out the view from the living room and deck.

20160723 westport34 sm

20160723 westport35 sm

There was a beautiful ocean-front paved path just steps from our condo, so I took Jules out for a walk in the stroller, hoping she’d grab a much-needed cat nap.

20160723 westport37 sm

She did!

20160723 westport36 sm

We spent the evening at the condo’s pool, swimming and jumping and hot-tubbing.

20160723 westport38 sm

20160723 westport39 sm

20160723 westport41 sm

20160723 westport42 sm

20160723 westport43 sm

We ate burgers on the deck and promptly sent the kiddos to bed – they were tuckered out.

20160723 westport44 sm

While Shane patted Jules to sleep, I snuck away for a sunset walk.

20160723 westport45 sm

20160723 westport46 sm

That PNW beach wind makes for some awfully lovely terrain.

20160723 westport47 sm

20160723 westport48 sm

20160723 westport49 sm

I mean, seriously!

20160723 westport50 sm

20160723 westport53 sm

20160723 westport55 sm

20160723 westport56 sm

Goodnight, sun.

20160723 westport57 sm

Jules was up a little earlier than usual, which meant I woke up earlier than usual and needed coffee, stat.  Juliette and I walked over to Tinderbox for a tall latte and a short milk.

20160724 westport1 sm

And then it was off to the pool to soak up that warm morning sun.

20160724 westport3 sm

20160724 westport4 sm

20160724 westport2 sm

20160724 westport5 sm

Juliette became bolder and bolder with each passing minute, eventually jumping off the edge for a full “dunker”, gasping but smiling when her head popped up out of the water.

20160724 westport6 sm

20160724 westport7 sm

We eventually hung up our wet swimsuits and took one last stroll on the beach.

20160724 westport8 sm

20160724 westport9 sm

20160724 westport10 sm

20160724 westport11 sm

20160724 westport12 sm

20160724 westport13 sm

20160724 westport14 sm

And then we headed back inside, packed it up, grabbed a fish n’ chips lunch, and hit the road.  It was a pretty grand 24 hours – we really should fly by the seat of our pants more often!

20160724 westport15 sm

We woke to the sound of raindrops on Saturday morning, which meant we stayed snuggled into our tent as long as Jules would allow.  I sighed at the thought of the mud and the chill and the weak, smoky campfire.  Once we emerged from our cocoon, though, I was consoled by the beauty of the misty, serene lake – this was worth getting damp for!

20160716 colonial creek1 sm

20160716 colonial creek2 sm

20160716 colonial creek3 sm

20160716 colonial creek4 sm

20160716 colonial creek5 sm

And the rain was short-lived – a few minutes after I snapped those misty photos, the skies cleared and everything was bright and fresh and ultra-green again.  Camping has its challenges, but gosh – a view like this for $16 a night?  What a steal!

20160716 colonial creek7 sm

20160716 colonial creek8 sm

Shane’s shoulders were begging for a break after Thursday’s and Friday’s hikes, so we decided to lay low on Saturday and take advantage of all the offerings right outside out tent’s front door.  Like Brian and Nicole’s hammock!

20160716 colonial creek6 sm

20160716 colonial creek31 sm

Jason’s slack-line…

20160716 colonial creek30 sm

20160716 colonial creek36 sm

Some miscellaneous sporting goods:

20160716 colonial creek21 sm

20160716 colonial creek23 sm

20160716 colonial creek24 sm

The mud (Jules whipped up a lovely batch of mud meatballs):

20160716 colonial creek18 sm

20160716 colonial creek19 sm

20160716 colonial creek20 sm

And, of course, more paddle boarding!

20160716 colonial creek9 sm

20160716 colonial creek33 sm

20160716 colonial creek10 sm

Jules proved to be an excellent first mate.

20160716 colonial creek11 sm

20160716 colonial creek12 sm

20160716 colonial creek13 sm

20160716 colonial creek14 sm

Jason’s paddle board gymnastics had the girls squealing with laughter.  “Fall again, Jason!  Fall again!”

20160716 colonial creek15 sm

20160716 colonial creek17 sm

It was pretty idyllic, all of us just kind of wafting in and out of the water, maybe with a kid or two in tow, while the rest of the gang set up their camp chairs on shore.

20160716 colonial creek16 sm

The Hickory’s needed to get back to Seattle on Saturday afternoon, so we snapped a group pic and then bid them farewell.  So glad their crazy clan could join us for a couple of days!

20160716 colonial creek26 sm

20160716 colonial creek27 sm

The Rusts headed out for a hike after lunch and Jules and I joined them for about a quarter-mile.  Which took about 30 minutes.

20160716 colonial creek28 sm

20160716 colonial creek29 sm

Back at camp, Shane and Juliette took a solid nap while I read by the lake.  Nance returned and brewed us a pot of coffee, sipped while we enjoyed a kid-free (chaos-free) conversation.  Those moments don’t happen too often anymore.

The rest of the evening was spent back out on the paddle boards (surprise!), but Shane and Nance upped the SUP game by doing some pretty impressive gymnastics.  It took all the balance I had just to get from kneeling to standing on the thing, so I bowed out of this little competition.  These two are studs!

20160716 colonial creek32 sm

20160716 colonial creek34 sm

Saturday night’s sleep was fitful at best – we had some rowdy neighbors that partied until about 1 am, and at 3 am we awoke to a horrible screeching sound that sounded on and off for over an hour.  We’re pretty sure it was some kind of bird, but unlike anything I’d ever heard before – poor Juliette just laid there silent and wide-eyed and tightly clutching Shane’s and my hands until the dang thing flew away.  We awoke on Sunday morning definitively ready to head back to the comforts of home.  I had loved snuggling up with these two for the past few days, but I missed my bed.  My shower.  My walls!

20160717 colonial creek1 sm

One last campfire meal…

20160717 colonial creek2 sm

Once last gaze at the lake…

20160717 colonial creek3 sm

20160717 colonial creek4 sm

One last ride on the paddle-board…

20160717 colonial creek5 sm

One last dip in the freezing cold lake (these two must have been polar bears in another life!)…

20160717 colonial creek6 sm

And then we packed it up and hit the road, making a brief stop at Ladder Creek Falls before putting the pedal to the metal (we were beat!).

20160717 ladder creek falls1 sm

20160717 ladder creek falls2 sm

20160717 ladder creek falls3 sm

Sayonara, North Cascades!  You can bet we’ll be seeing you again next summer.

Shane, Jason, and Brian were up bright and early on Thursday morning to sneak in a guys-only adventure, hauling the inflatable paddle boards two miles up-river for a ride on the rapids.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the plan, given that parts of the river were pretty fast and log-packed, so it felt awfully good when I eventually saw these three floating back toward us on the horizon!

20160715 colonial creek1 sm

20160715 colonial creek2 sm

20160715 colonial creek3 sm

Apparently there was a brief moment at a log jam when Shane feared for his life, but other than that, they nailed it!

20160715 colonial creek4 sm

Meanwhile, back at camp, Jules was gettin’ her baby-fix with little M before he hit the road back to Seattle.

20160715 colonial creek5 sm

20160715 colonial creek11 sm

20160715 colonial creek10 sm

I wish my hair looked like this after three days without a shower!

20160715 colonial creek8 sm

20160715 colonial creek9 sm

We packed lunches and headed east late in the morning to check out the Washington Pass overlook.  I read this was one of the best places to take in the view of the North Cascades.  Not too shabby…

20160715 washington pass7 sm

20160715 washington pass3 sm

All this beauty had these guys feelin’ the brotherly love!

20160715 washington pass2 sm

20160715 washington pass4 sm

She fits right in, doesn’t she?

20160715 washington pass5 sm

20160715 washington pass6 sm

20160715 washington pass8 sm

20160715 washington pass9 sm

From Washington Pass, we made the short drive over to the Blue Lake trailhead for another trek through the woods.  We got off to a roaring start, as Jules was determined to keep pace with Gryff (whose nickname is “The Mountain Goat”, since he’s such a stellar little hiker).

20160715 blue lake1 sm

Soon enough, though, Juliette was tucked into the backpack with a treat, where she could enjoy the view from Shane’s shoulders.  This was my favorite part of the trail, where we came out of the woods into this rugged, tree-lined meadow.

20160715 blue lake2 sm

20160715 blue lake3 sm

20160715 blue lake4 sm

Back out of the backpack and into my arms.

20160715 blue lake6 sm

20160715 blue lake7 sm

And…back in.

20160715 blue lake8 sm

The final ascent to the lake took all we had, but finally, we caught site of the water.  And snow.  It was freezing up there!

20160715 blue lake13 sm

20160715 blue lake14 sm

20160715 blue lake9 sm

We all huddled together on a rock to eat a quick lunch, wolfing down our sandwiches just as raindrops started to fall.

20160715 blue lake10 sm

This guy (Gryffin’s namesake) watched us from a distance.

20160715 blue lake12 sm

20160715 blue lake15 sm

We hightailed it down the mountain after lunch, eager to get to warmer, dryer ground.

20160715 blue lake16 sm

Juliette was pooped – by the time we reached the car, she had completely slumped against Shane’s back, out like a light.

20160715 blue lake17 sm

We made a quick trip into Newhalem for firewood and ice, and then spent the rest of the afternoon back at camp, out on the water.

20160715 colonial creek12 sm

20160715 colonial creek13 sm

20160715 colonial creek14 sm

20160715 colonial creek15 sm

20160715 colonial creek16 sm

20160715 colonial creek17 sm

20160715 colonial creek18 sm

20160715 colonial creek19 sm

Friday happened to be Jason’s birthday, so we toasted to him with campfire margaritas.

20160715 colonial creek21 sm

And s’mores, of course.  Shane’s eyes in this picture!  Can you tell that his marshmallows were whisky-soaked?

20160715 colonial creek22 sm

Coming up:  a whole lotta pictures of us doing a whole lotta nothing!

Since our first attempt at family camping was a rather damp disappointment, we figured we needed a re-do.  Shane did some sleuthing on Washington’s most beautiful campgrounds and we settled on Colonial Creek in the North Cascades as our Take Two destination.  We turned on our out-of-office auto-replies, played a few rounds of cooler Tetris as we struggled to get all our gear into our car, and on Wednesday morning, we were mountain-bound!  We rolled up to camp shortly after noon and snagged one of the last water-front sites – this place was hoppin!  I mean, of course it was – check out the view…

20160713 colonial creek2 sm

20160713 colonial creek3 sm

Jules and I scoped out the bathroom situation and paid our fees at the ranger station while Shane set up camp in record time – this guy was clearly Jonesin’ to get out on the paddle board we had borrowed for the weekend.

20160713 colonial creek1 sm

20160713 colonial creek4 sm

20160713 colonial creek5 sm

Juliette was wound up with the excitement of it all, but quickly crashed once we settled into the tent for naptime.  Snuggling up to this sleeping kid has become one of my favorite parts of camping.

20160713 colonial creek6 sm

I’m glad she rested, because that evening her buddies joined the party – all aboard the camp chair choo choo train!

20160713 colonial creek9 sm

20160713 colonial creek7 sm

This girl looooooves the babies.

20160713 colonial creek8 sm

And this guy loves the water.

20160713 colonial creek10 sm

We cooked a mondo steak over the campfire for dinner and then capped off Day One with toasted mallows.  I figured we could push back Juliette’s 7:30 bedtime, it being vacation and all, but was a little surprised when I checked my phone as we tucked her into her sleeping bag – it was after 10:00!  Ah, well, carpe diem – how often do we get to completely lose track of time anymore?

20160713 colonial creek11 sm

Thursday morning was sunny and glorious – the guys got back out on the water, the kids played in the mud, and I took my time drinking my large cup of coffee.

20160714 colonial creek1 sm

20160714 colonial creek2 sm

20160714 colonial creek3 sm

Paddle board yoga!

20160714 colonial creek4 sm

Once Shane and Brian were properly zenned, we packed up a few PB&J’s for lunch and hit the Thunder Creek trail right near our campsite.

20160714 thunder creek1 sm

Jules can be a tricky hiking companion, often darting ahead or lagging waaaaay behind.  Hence the lollipop bribe to get her to hang tight in the backpack.

20160714 thunder creek2 sm

Juliette asked if a dinosaur broke this rock:

20160714 thunder creek3 sm

We told her yes.

20160714 thunder creek4 sm

20160714 thunder creek5 sm

The woods were dense and lush, Shire-like with the abundance of moss.

20160714 thunder creek6 sm

20160714 thunder creek7 sm

20160714 thunder creek8 sm

20160714 thunder creek9 sm

We were bound and determined to make it to the bridge, even if that meant carrying Jules the last half mile (see previous two photos).  Finally…voila!  The river and lake are this amazing aqua blue, colored by the minerals from the glacial melt.  Incredible.

20160714 thunder creek10 sm

20160714 thunder creek11 sm

20160714 thunder creek12 sm

We grabbed a river-side log for lunch and took a much-needed load off – that may have been the longest two miles I had ever walked.

20160714 thunder creek14 sm

20160714 thunder creek13 sm

20160714 thunder creek15 sm

20160714 thunder creek16 sm

The water was freezing, but too tempting to resist a quick little splash.

20160714 thunder creek17 sm

Eventually I told Jules it was time to hit the trail back to camp.  She just shushed me.

20160714 thunder creek18 sm

We eventually coaxed Juliette into the backpack and high-tailed it back to camp for naps, pausing only briefly along the way to take in these colors.  THESE COLORS.

20160714 thunder creek19 sm

We dozed a bit in the afternoon, and then these speed-racers rolled into camp Thursday evening – welcome, Rusts!

20160714 colonial creek5 sm

This is the face of a kid sister that just can’t quite keep up…

20160714 colonial creek8 sm

Meanwhile, Shane was…

20160714 colonial creek6 sm

We chowed down on another campfire meal and then walked/biked over the amphitheater for the 7 pm ranger talk, which turned out to be a rather dry discussion of the concept of wilderness, spiced up only by folk tales about salmon women and demon elk.  Not quite the bedtime story I’d planned for Jules, but we went with it, hoping the ranger’s monotone voice would tee us up for an easy bedtime.  No such luck – this girl was pumped!

20160714 colonial creek7 sm

Up next:  a lookout, a goat, and lots more paddle boarding!  Stay tuned.

July 1st was the beginning of what turned out to be a pretty grand four-day weekend.  We toasted to the new month on Friday evening with beer and tacos at Chuck’s Hop Shop, and then headed over to Miller Playfield for a romp in the evening sun.  I couldn’t tear these kids off the swings…

20160701 miller playfield1 sm

Until I muttered two magic words:  ICE CREEEEEEAM!!!  Meet Hello Robin’s happiest customers:

20160701 hello robin1 sm

20160701 hello robin2 sm

20160701 hello robin3 sm

20160701 hello robin4 sm

The kids burned off their sugar rush with a quick yoga session on the lawn and a game of “Ding” Around the Rosy near the car, and then we called a day.

20160701 miller playfield2 sm

20160701 miller playfield3 sm

Saturday held adventures of the indoor variety, as we met up with several of Juliette’s buddies for her very first movie.  She’s been a huge Nemo fan for awhile, so the chance to watch her experience Finding Dory on the big screen was pretty irresistible.  She sat through the whole thing, happily munching on popcorn and then exclaiming, “that was fun, Mommy!” as we walked out of the theater.  We hadn’t even hit the sidewalk before she asked to go again (not happening!).

20160702 finding dory sm

Mitch, Kathryn, and the girls rolled into Seattle on Sunday afternoon.  Shane grilled steak and veggies for lunch, I filled our glasses with white wine and beer, and then we settled into the patio chairs for a long, leisurely lunch.  Morgan and Juliette were thrilled to be reunited after several weeks apart.

20160703 cousins1 sm

These girls and their babies!

20160703 cousins2 sm

20160703 cousins3 sm

After a total naptime bust, Shane offered to haul all three kids to Seward Park on the bike.  Uncle of the Year!

20160703 cousins4 sm

We spent a couple of hours down by the lake, tossing the frisbee and playing in the sand and eventually soaking a couple of pairs of pants.

20160703 seward park1 sm

20160703 seward park2 sm

20160703 seward park3 sm

20160703 seward park4 sm

I know, I know, why do I wait until her clothes are soaked before putting on the swimsuit?!

20160703 seward park5 sm

I ducked out in the evening for an art class I’m taking while Shane put our over-tired wound-up kiddo to bed (no small feat).  I met up with the guys after class for a late-night drink at Raconteur, followed by a late-late-night drink at Union Bar.  Mitch and I haven’t been out together past midnight in years.  Many years!

We spent Monday morning eating pancakes and watching Stage 3 of the Tour de France, then eventually rallying for a stroll through the Cheasty Greenbelt.

20160704 cheasty greenbelt1 sm

20160704 cheasty greenbelt2 sm

We made plans to head up to Jefferson Park and Morgan begged Uncle Shane to take her in the bike trailer.  It’s quite a climb to the park, and we’d had those late-late-night drinks, so I wasn’t sure he’d be up for it.  But he channeled his inner Tour de France-r and went for it – somebody get this guy a polka dot jersey!

20160704 jefferson park2 sm

20160704 jefferson park1 sm

We hit each and every piece of playground equipment in that big, sprawling park.

20160704 jefferson park3 sm

20160704 jefferson park4 sm

20160704 jefferson park5 sm

Several times.

20160704 jefferson park6 sm

20160704 jefferson park7 sm

We grabbed an afternoon cup of coffee in Georgetown and then the Jarrells hit the road.  Jules bawled her eyes when we said our good-byes.

20160704 all city coffee1 sm

I barely held it together myself!

20160704 all city coffee2 sm

Luckily, there was more fun to be had that day, as we spent the evening at the Rusts eating and drinking and playing.

20160704 rusts bbq1 sm

20160704 rusts bbq2 sm

You’re cute, Jules.

20160704 rusts bbq3 sm

Brian showed up with a bucket full of fresh-caught live crabs.  We all had a good laugh while watching Jason ever-so-anxiously transfer them from bucket to pot.

20160704 rusts bbq4 sm

This scene looks so sweet and serene, doesn’t it?  It sounded like pure chaos.

20160704 rusts bbq5 sm

20160704 rusts bbq6 sm

20160704 rusts bbq7 sm

Isaiah keeps a pretty good beat, though!

20160704 rusts bbq8 sm

Happy Independence Day from this crazy crew!  Looking forward to more summer shenanigans with you all!

20160704 rusts bbq9 sm

20160704 rusts bbq10 sm