Shane and I aren’t the spontaneous type.  Never have been, really, and since we had Juliette, we’re even less likely to leave Seattle without at least ten days of careful planning.  But when Jason and Nancy asked us on Friday night if we wanted to head to the coast with them the next day for an overnight trip, we threw caution to the wind and said YES!  Somehow, in the 11 years we’ve lived here, we’ve never seen Washington’s view of the Pacific Ocean.  We rolled into Westport shortly after noon and spread out our blanket on the sand at Half Moon Bay.

20160723 westport1 sm

20160723 westport2 sm

20160723 westport3 sm

20160723 westport4 sm

20160723 westport5 sm

20160723 westport6 sm

20160723 westport7 sm

Jason recently took up kite boarding and was eager to capitalize on the wind (I was thrilled just to feel the warm, soft sand between my toes).

20160723 westport17 sm

20160723 westport11 sm

20160723 westport12 sm

As we watched Jason zig-zag across the bay, Shane asked Nance, “Did you see that thing splash in the water out there?”.

20160723 westport13 sm

Indeed, there was some sort of water-borne creature circling the bay.  Something with a big flat fin and a long gray body.   After conferring with Google and some nearby beach-combers, we were pretty sure we were seeing a gray whale!  Wild.

20160723 westport14 sm

20160723 westport15 sm

See that splash?  See Jason obliviously galavanting about the water?  This was the moment when Nance started yelling and waving her arms, motioning him to please come back to the safety of dry land!

20160723 westport16 sm

He came in for a bit, but was back at it once the waters had quieted…

20160723 westport18 sm

20160723 westport26 sm

Isaiah scampered around the driftwood fort…

20160723 westport19 sm

And these two settled in for a snuggle.  Juliette has fallen into the role of Gryff’s sometimes-sweet, sometimes-completely-annoying kid sister.  She hardly let this guy out of her site throughout the entire weekend.  Whenever Gryff would try to break away for a moment of peace, Juliette would beg, “Gryff!  Hold my hand!”, at which point he would just sigh and say, “Oh, Ju-Ju…” and let her tag along.  He’s a softie, that kid.

20160723 westport20 sm

Ahhhh, ocean!  We’ve missed you!

20160723 westport24 sm

20160723 westport23 sm

20160723 westport27 sm

20160723 westport28 sm

20160723 westport30 sm

20160723 westport31 sm

20160723 westport32 sm

I see you, Bups!

20160723 westport33 sm

We checked into our condo late in the afternoon and scoped out the view from the living room and deck.

20160723 westport34 sm

20160723 westport35 sm

There was a beautiful ocean-front paved path just steps from our condo, so I took Jules out for a walk in the stroller, hoping she’d grab a much-needed cat nap.

20160723 westport37 sm

She did!

20160723 westport36 sm

We spent the evening at the condo’s pool, swimming and jumping and hot-tubbing.

20160723 westport38 sm

20160723 westport39 sm

20160723 westport41 sm

20160723 westport42 sm

20160723 westport43 sm

We ate burgers on the deck and promptly sent the kiddos to bed – they were tuckered out.

20160723 westport44 sm

While Shane patted Jules to sleep, I snuck away for a sunset walk.

20160723 westport45 sm

20160723 westport46 sm

That PNW beach wind makes for some awfully lovely terrain.

20160723 westport47 sm

20160723 westport48 sm

20160723 westport49 sm

I mean, seriously!

20160723 westport50 sm

20160723 westport53 sm

20160723 westport55 sm

20160723 westport56 sm

Goodnight, sun.

20160723 westport57 sm

Jules was up a little earlier than usual, which meant I woke up earlier than usual and needed coffee, stat.  Juliette and I walked over to Tinderbox for a tall latte and a short milk.

20160724 westport1 sm

And then it was off to the pool to soak up that warm morning sun.

20160724 westport3 sm

20160724 westport4 sm

20160724 westport2 sm

20160724 westport5 sm

Juliette became bolder and bolder with each passing minute, eventually jumping off the edge for a full “dunker”, gasping but smiling when her head popped up out of the water.

20160724 westport6 sm

20160724 westport7 sm

We eventually hung up our wet swimsuits and took one last stroll on the beach.

20160724 westport8 sm

20160724 westport9 sm

20160724 westport10 sm

20160724 westport11 sm

20160724 westport12 sm

20160724 westport13 sm

20160724 westport14 sm

And then we headed back inside, packed it up, grabbed a fish n’ chips lunch, and hit the road.  It was a pretty grand 24 hours – we really should fly by the seat of our pants more often!

20160724 westport15 sm