I wandered down a mom blog rabbit hole yesterday during Juliette’s afternoon nap and stumbled upon a bit of sunshine’s ten on ten photo project.  The challenge is to take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month.  My photography skills can always use some practice, and I like the idea of capturing the little details that make up life as I know it right now, so here’s February’s ten on ten (which is actually nine on the eleventh – wow, I’m off to a roaring start!):

20140211 ten on ten1 sm

 morning snuggles


20140211 ten on ten2 sm

daily dose


20140211 ten on ten3 sm

so happy to see mama after a good morning nap


20140211 ten on ten4 sm

will she love shoes like i do?


20140211 ten on ten5 sm

peek-a-boo with juliette’s little buddy


20140211 ten on ten6 sm

sophie the giraffe gets to ride shotgun while jules is stuck in the back seat


20140211 ten on ten7 sm

picking up my knitting needles for the first time in almost a year


20140211 ten on ten8 sm

chewin’ on stuff while we wait for dad to get home


20140211 ten on ten9 sm

ahhhhh, these two.  so blessed.