I was irritable today (unfortunately, Shane can confirm this).  I don’t know if it’s work, or my pesky summer-time allergies, or the fact that I couldn’t fall back asleep this morning when Shane got up at 4 a.m. to go stand in line for an iPhone, but I found myself getting incredibly bent out of shape by the most insignificant things.  Cases in point:

I was out at the jobsite all day today and popped over to a nearby supermarket/deli for lunch.  I was sitting at a table, enjoying my broccoli-cheese soup and sourdough roll, when I watched a man walk up to the tray of bite-size doughnut samples near the counter and commit a crime of total germ-spreadery.  The tray had a pair of plastic tongs sitting next to it and a note that said “PLEASE use tongs!”  As a slight germo-phobe, I can appreciate the sanitary reasons for not wanting people to reach their hands into a pile of food samples.  The man picked up the tongs, which was a good start, but then he placed the doughnut sample directly into his mouth from the tongs.  I think there may have even been lip-to-tong contact!  While this is definitely a little gross, I shouldn’t have let myself react with such repulsion.  My eyes followed the man with an icy glare as he moved about the store.  In retrospect, his show of such poor manners is almost funny.  Laughing might have been a more suitable reaction.

Irritable moment number 2 (or was is number 8?  I lost count today…) occurred when I got on the bus to go back to the office from the site.  It was a full bus, and my feet were tired from another day of punchlists.  I walked toward the back of bus, hoping to find an empty seat.  There was indeed an empty seat, but a woman had her purse sitting there.  She made absolutely no attempt to move her purse to her lap, even when I grabbed onto the pole near her seat and made a clear effort to look for a place to sit.  I hovered over her for the next couple of stops, grumbling something to the effect “that is soooo rude” under my breath.  She just watched me stand.  Really, I could have and should have politely asked her to move her bag, but in my grumpy state, I found it much more satisfying to pout and complain.  So silly of me.

The good news is that it is now Friday evening and I am contentedly enjoying a cup of tea in our quiet house while Shane is out having a beer with a friend.  I’ll have to apologize to him when he gets home – my first words when I walked in the door this evening were “I thought you were going to clean the house this afternoon!”  Not exactly the warm hug and “How was your day, Honey?” he was hoping for… Thank goodness he is a forgiving and understanding man.


  1. Drew says:

    Wow, Shane waited in line for the iPhone at 4am?!!? O well we all have our vices.

    Sometimes its good to take a deep breath. Hold. Release the tension and go with the flow.

  2. Steve says:

    hahahaha! The wrath of Kelly! I love it. 🙂

  3. Drew says:

    (Opening the Moral Ethics Advisor Manual or MEAM for short) Ahha!! Chapter 5 Paragraph C clause 24. It says the following “When being irritable, one should be irritableless. Remove irritation with ointment. Apply twice daily. If irritation persists, please see your local physician.”

    Hmmmm. Don’t really know if this applies to the situation but its worth a shot since it is from the MEAM book. Which of course is a very trustworthy source and how!!