A sunny day in the city, spent enjoying Paris’ parks and cafe terraces.  I fell asleep in a chair at the Jardin du Luxembourg.  We have truly shifted into vacation-mode.


Tonight we took on the Louvre – and the Louvre won.  Wandering the halls of that jam-packed museum has worn us out.  I am finding out there is such a thing as art-overload.  However, I could sit and stare at the lit-up exterior of the Louvre for hours.  Stunning.


We ended the night on a perfect note with wine, cheese, and hot chocolate at Le Fumoir.  We discovered this place 5 years ago when Shane came to visit me in Paris, and tonight it exceeded our fondest memories.  The hot chocolate is so thick that if you let it sit and cool for too long, it will set and you will have to eat it with a spoon.  Mmmmm…  So excuse the short post, as I’m quickly falling into a choco-coma.  So good.