Far too often, I take for granted the fact that we live in the midst of the Pacific Northwest and all its natural glory.  And so yesterday we resolved to embrace the outdoors, as we hopped in the car and headed east for a hike up Little Si (Mount Si’s smaller, less intimidating sister mountain).  I am not much of a hiker, but the 2.3-mile trip to the summit sounded manageable.  This hike wasn’t necessarily the leisurely stroll through the forest that I had imagined – within a few minutes I had broken a sweat and fallen short of breath – but as we pressed on, I fell into a groove and we were soon at the summit.  We found a place to sit on a rock and take in the views of the mountains and valleys and endless blankets of lush green trees all around us.  Well worth the sweat.

20090614 little si1 small

20090614 little si shane small

20090614 little si trees small

20090614 little si2 small

20090614 little si kel shane small

We are talking about conquering Mount Si later this summer – now if only there were a Margarita stand at the top…

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  1. g. says:

    more like ‘little suicide’! 😉
    cool seeing you two there… the climb reminded me just how out of shape i’ve become. 🙁