I’ve felt rather uninspired lately, having to force myself to open my sketchbook.  But I’m coming to understand the value of just getting into the habit of making art – it’s better to produce something I’m not necessarily crazy about than to produce nothing at all.  And those moments always do eventually come when I touch a paintbrush to paper or draw a line in ink and think ‘nice!…’  So I forge on with this little exercise of weekly sketching.  These are the latest…

springtime (2009.07.13):

20090802 springtime small

raindrops (2009.07.28):

20090802 teardrop tree small

abstract fireworks (2009.07.25):

20090802 abstract fireworks small

balloon ride (2009.07.28):

20090802 hot air balloon small

One Comment

  1. la v says:

    hey kelly, i like this set a lot! particularly the raindrops. when do you have time to sketch??