The beginning of a new year always tends to throw me into a more reflective state, during which I ponder the roses and thorns of the previous twelve months, and anticipate the joys and challenges that the next twelve months may bring.  And as I embark on this little ‘year in review’, my immediate inclination is to say:  2009 was goooood.  Shane and I romped through the streets of Paris and sauntered through the vineyards of Portugal; I made some cool stuff and added to an ever-expanding lists of passions and hobbies; I read a lot of books, and got to sit around a table and talk about them with some of my most favorite ladies; I discovered Macrina Bakery’s buttermilk biscuits while discussing said books and determined that butter is pretty much one of the best things on earth; we visited Minnesota and I really, truly felt that ‘Shane’s family’ is now actually my family, too; we completed our first big home project with our backyard makeover and laid the groundwork for some awesome 2010 backyard bbq’s; I watched and cheered with so much pride as Shane crossed the finish line of the Portland Marathon; we were continuously reminded that although we don’t have any family in Seattle, we do have friends that feel like family, and that’s pretty amazing; we celebrated three years of marriage with a perfectly indulgent trip to San Francisco; we spent lots of evening just enjoying the bliss of a quiet evening at home, curled up on the couch together with a good movie and a glass of wine; I discovered yoga, discovered that I am not at all flexible, but also discovered that this can change, with enough practice; I took photos, made drawings out of food, found out about the beauty of a printing press, and stayed committed to my weekly sketches.  Yes, it was a fabulous year.  There were also trials, in the form of disappointments, insecurities, and missed opportunities, but they didn’t overshadow the abundance of blessings.  And I expect 2010 will be the same mixed-bag kind of year – exciting times ahead, with places to go, decisions to make, and things to create.  Resolutions?  Just to say with total anticipation, “Bring it on.”