A few more recent sketches, again, totally random in subject matter and media…

beach plan (2009.12.14):

topos (2009.12.26):

lovely (2009.12.28):

black hills (2010.01.03):

As good as this little ‘weekly sketching’ exercise has been for me in terms of getting me to draw/paint/collage more regularly, I’m finding it a little unfulfilling lately.  The fact that I have not established a consistent theme or style in my work bothers me.  I’m not going to do away with the exercise completely, but I’m looking for ways to morph my process a little bit this year.  Watch for changes – they might be subtle and completely unnoticeable, or they might come in the form of a total overhaul.  Not sure yet…  But stay tuned.


  1. Suzanne says:

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for a good illustration for my last post. I love your work…it’s so lovely and sophisticated! Do you sell any of your prints? I would be really interested if so… I can be contacted through my blog tracingsuz.blogspot.com.

  2. kellyschnell says:

    Thank you for the compliment! I am actually working now on getting my Etsy shop set up and will let you know when I have some prints available for sale. Thanks again!