Yep – tomorrow’s the big day!  My toenails are freshly painted, my suitcase is crammed with every strappy, shoulder-baring top I own, and Shane and I are ready for a week in Sayulita, Mexico!!!  I had so much fun pulling my summer gear out of my closet tonight – my brown ruffled halter dress hasn’t been worn since I was in Hawaii two years ago, and I’m so ready to slip back into it.  It’s taken me a little while to become really, truly excited about this trip, since I’ve been distracted with work and my funk and busy-ness in general, but tonight, once I turned on my out-of-office message at work, picked up the last few things we needed for the trip, and saw our itinerary all printed out and ready to go on the counter, the pre-vacation jitters really set in.  Right now, nothing sounds better to me than sinking down onto a towel laid out on the warm sand, ordering a fruity cocktail, and spending a few hours with a good book.  Aaaahhh!  I’m giddy just thinking about.  But we’ve got an early flight tomorrow, so I better try to get some sleep – tonight will be the first night in awhile that I won’t dream about work or chores or any other to-do’s.  Buenos noches, amigos…

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  1. Nancy says:

    Hooray for vacay! And I’m stoked that you used a John Denver song lyric as the title for your post. Enjoy those strappy tank tops!