Holy shamoley, what a week.  Work has been crazy, with a major deadline looming just a few days away, and the long hours at the office have me beat.  I walked in the door tonight after an overwhelming afternoon, snapped at Shane when he tried to offer a few words of encouragement (how dare he?!…), and then marched right upstairs to throw myself into bed, convinced I had just won myself an Oscar for ‘Best Female in a Pouting Role’.  Not my finest moment.  Luckily, I have a husband who pursues me, even when I’m playing the part of the crabby little brat.  He gave me a few minutes, then came upstairs to test the waters, coaxed me into venting/laughing/shedding the week’s stress, and let me settle into the couch while he made me dinner.  I lucked out when this guy said he would take me for better or for worse, ’cause ‘worse’ has been pretty fierce this week.  But the weekend is here, and I’m hoping to tuck my deadline to-do’s away for the next 36 hours.  Cup of tea has been brewed, dark chocolate has been plated and placed at my right hand, and an episode of ‘The Wire’ has been queued up on the TV for some quality veg time.  T.G.I.F., and T.G. for Shane (consider this my Oscar acceptance speech).


  1. la v says:

    never nailed you for a drama queen. interesting to see what goes on in the privacy of one’s own home… what did he make for dinner?

  2. kellyschnell says:

    Oh, La V, you have no idea! I can throw a fit with the best of them…

    Shane has mastered the art of breakfast for dinner, so I chowed down on eggs scrambled with bacon, potatoes, and onions. Good stuff.